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Carol Moore for Secretary
Libertarian National Committee - 2002
...It is the right of the people to alter or abolish (government) - Declaration of Independence
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       On July 6, 2002, at the Libertarian Party national convention in Indianapolis incumbent Libertarian National Committee Secretary Steve Givot defeated Carol Moore for Secretary 349 to 147, with 1 vote going to George Phillies and 12 to None of the Above. Moore said, "In 1998 when Givot beat me by only 27 votes, a lot of people were mad at him for his obnoxious behavior.  I guess Steve learned his lesson.  For the last four years he's been on his best behavior -- meanwhile I've been very controversial promoting a strong pro-peace position and generally being an all round uppity woman.  But I learned a few things about running a campaign and got lots of good support from those who agree with me so, like all campaigns, it was not a wasted effort."
      Carol retains most of her "Carol4Secretary" pages herein and includes updated versions of the most important information on her new, ongoing Libertarian Party page.  Also see her report on the 2002 Convention, published in LIBERTY magazine as well as Convention photos.
Experience: Carol Moore is a 22-year Libertarian Party member.  As year 2000-2001 Chair of the Libertarian Party of the District of Columbia, Carol Moore revived the party. It then ran two city-wide candidates who brought the LPDC its highest vote total ever. She also increased membership and doubled party fund raising.  She then served a term as LPDC Treasurer.  She is also a long-time organizer with peace, drug legalization, pro-choice (against abortion prohibition) groups, Waco Justice and other groups.  She is the author of the book The Davidian Massacre, published by Gun Owners Foundation. In 1998 she ran against current secretary Steve Givot who won by 27 votes. (See her continually updated biography.)

Timely Minutes: Libertarian Party members need a Secretary who cares enough about good decision-making process to make sure the Libertarian National Committee ("LNC") gets draft minutes out well before the next LNC meeting!  That means short minutes detailing decisions and reports only, not long and controversial descriptive narratives of discussions which take months to pass by LNC members.  Members need someone who will make sure draft and final minutes are web and e-mail available ASAP, so that they do not have to wonder about what "national is up to now" and so they can share informed input on national party decision-making with their representatives.

Accountable LNC: The LNC needs an outspoken gadfly who knows how to be a team player--once she makes the team admit how much it needs good gadflies to stop those destructive controversies right in their tracks!  Why is the Libertarian Party lacking the visibility its vision, numbers and activity warrant? Are we recruiting too many quasi-libertraians determined to undermine our hardcore positions for all the wrong reasons? Why does the LNC need so many expensive in-person meetings when business can be conducted by e-mail and e-mail ballot?  Why is there no functioning Advertising/Publications Review Committee or fundraising committee on the LNC? Is LPNEWS sticking to principle?  When are we going to replace the amateurish "New Party" leaflet set and get some professional national literature that really educates members?  Will the National Director finally hire a Communications Director who knows how to get press attention--and attendance at press conferences?  Are LNC members or staff favoring cronies over other members in distributing party resources?  Is the National Staff hiding important information from the LNC?  When is the national office going to move to an affordable space?  I'll make proposals relevant to these and other issues.

Stick to Principles: The Libertarian Party must not stray from promoting its secular version of the Golden Rule.  To start with, it must remain a strong advocate of military non-intervention.  (See  And sign the Petition for a Strong LP Statement on Military Non-Intervention!) The LNC needs a few members with radical visions and strategy, like my community self-governance/secession strategy.  An LNC made up of only gradualists and reformists unprepared for the radical and even catastrophic changes that may be coming is an inflexible, unresponsive and uncreative body that will drag the party and the movement down.  (See my vision page.)  Additionally, the party needs to improve its internal education--one way to do that would be by promoting local libertarian study groups.  Some libertarians think that only compromise will bring the party success -- but what it really needs is more creative, daring leadership.

High Visibility Issue Campaigns -- Issues Build Movements!: The LNC needs members who will inspire the national party to promote HIGH VISIBILITY wedge issue campaigns that will attract and keep committed members and activists, like End the War on Terrorism, Repeal the Patriot Act, U.S. Out of the Middle East, Legalize Pollution Lawsuits or a Community Self-governance/Secession Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  The Libertarian Party needs to be more controversial and more assertive to make sure its principled message gets out there!  We must propose cutting the Gordian Knot of government power--as the ancients discovered, unraveling it is impossible!

Can Carol Moore Be Elected Secretary?
You don't need to be endorsed by well-connected top activists to be elected to national party office. The Libertarian Party remains rife with rebels!  At the last national convention, about 40% of delegates supported Jacob Hornberger or Don Gorman as the year 2000 Libertarian presidential candidates. And three "non-machine" At-Large candidates who campaigned hard for the office got themselves elected!   Money, power and connections do not make libertarian revolutions--people do, in the ballot box, in the streets and online. Steve Givot only beat me by 27 votes when I ran against him for Secretary in 1998 -- maybe with a few months of work I can get the 28 plus votes needed to win in 2002!!

June 11, 2002 version


Principled, High Visibility, Wedge 
Leadership - NOT Compromise
Carol Moore for LNC Secretary

         If elected LNC Secretary I will make sure members get draft and final meeting minutes as soon as possible so they can have input into LNC decisions. I will work to make sure the national Libertarian Party fulfills its responsibilities to state parties -- while maintaining a national presence that inspires libertarians to greater electoral and political action.  And I will oppose the kinds of LNC-related cronyism and favoritism which have caused so much controversy over the last few years.
         More importantly, I will work to build the party through issue-based campaigns, instead of relying too much on “targeted” direct mail campaigns as in the past.  During the 1990s the party brought in thousands of new members, in large part by mining libertarian Republican mailing lists with a moderate libertarian message.  However, the election of a Republican president, now fighting a great “patriotic” war, combined with the recession, have cost the party many of the 7000 plus members who have left since 1999.  Yet some LNC candidates promise only more of the same.
         The Libertarian Party isn’t like some television cable company that can attract and lose “customers” who are essentially interchangeable.  Each Libertarian Party member is a unique individual with a different degree of understanding of principles and commitment to action. The national party should increase this understanding and commitment in order to retain current members, win back old ones, and bring in new ones.  Word of mouth from committed members is one of the best recruitment tools for growing the party.
         So how do we create committed members? With principled, high visibility, wedge issues that challenge state control, get the public’s attention and provide them with alternatives that will motive them to join and get active.  Issues build movements.  Local parties may focus on local issues, state parties on state issues, but a national party should focus on national issues.   The current national campaign against the war on drugs is an example of using an issue to excite and motivate members.
         The LNC needs to coordinate volunteer and staff efforts to seize wedge issues and build coalitions opposing national policies, laws, regulations and taxes that oppress us.  I personally think the LP should focus on the wedge issues of ending the “war on terrorism” and especially U.S. intervention in the Middle East; repeal of the Patriot Act and other attacks on civil liberties; corporate control of regulatory agencies and corporate welfare (to undercut liberals’ hold on young activists); and a constitutional amendment to ensure the rights to community autonomy and/or full secession from the union–what I call the “Gordian Knot” strategy.  We can debate what are the best wedge issues.  But let’s start working the issues effectively–statist power was built on issues and it must be destroyed on issues.
        Carol Moore joined the Libertarian Party in 1979.  As year 2000-2001 Chair of the Libertarian Party of the District of Columbia, she revived the party, increased activism and doubled fund-raising. The party ran two city-wide candidates who brought the LPDC its highest vote total ever. She is also a long-time organizer with peace and non-intervention, drug legalization, Waco Justice and other groups and author of the book The Davidian Massacre, published by Gun Owners Foundation.  She is web master of and organizes with Pro-Choice Libertarians and Libertarians for Peace.  In 1998 she ran against current Secretary Steve Givot who won by 27 votes.

Libertarian National Committee Secretary Candidate Carol Moore
1.  Do exit interviews on national members who fail to renew to pinpoint problems and opportunities.
2. Totally revamp the national literature.  Replace the single issue pamphlets with a pocket size handbook clearly explaining LP positions and strategies that can be used by all parties.
3. Offer more and better libertarian books and organizing guides for sale through LPNEWS and the web page, including monthly or bi-monthly specials, perhaps in conjunction with a book distributor like Laissez-Faire Books.
4. Create and promote a study group program with a starter kid of article and book readings.
5. Insist the retiring Communications Director be replaced with someone with a proven track record of organizing internal and outreach educational materials. Considering no top staffers are women, let’s get one!
6. Establish a serious press presence and stop sending out press releases riddled with juvenile sex jokes or terrorism hysteria -- or both!! 

1. Create issue campaigns that attract public attention--and the most disaffected voters and non-voters.  The LNC and staff would oversee or coordinate self-funded campaigns organized by professional organizers under contract.  Campaigns would use cost-effective, publicity-generating tactics from web petitions, to lobbying, to street protests, to encouraging coordinated national candidate campaigns and press conferences.
2. Ensure direct mail campaigns are cost effective and especially targeted to the constituencies of successful issue campaigns.
3. Encourage voter registration drives by state parties.  Many of the most libertarian people just plain refuse to vote!
4. Encourage parties with particularly difficult Ballot Access laws to create "Free the Ballot” Protest Campaigns since many members are discouraged by restrictive ballot access laws and need a project to boost morale.
5. Create an “independent media”-type LP web page where current members can upload information about on-going local issue and electoral campaigns and network with libertarians from other states. (Like sites.)

1. Hold no more than 3 LNC meetings a year and conduct far more business through e-mail proposals, discussion and voting. LNC e-mail deliberations should be archived so that all members can read the messages on-line.
2. Take the best from the last LNC’s Strategic Plan but don’t consider it to be a straight-jacket.
3.  Reject the Carver Model which gives even more power to the staff. Instead create the following committees: Fund-raising to involve LNC members in staff fund-raising efforts; Business Systems to oversee improvement of current management and computer systems; Outreach to stimulate national and state outreach programs to liberty-oriented special interest groups; Speakers Bureau to organize libertarian interviewees for radio and television shows so paid staff can focus on setting up, not doing, interviews.
4. Seek more affordable office space, preferably in a small rent-to-buy town house or building. Paying almost $100,000 a year rent is absurd!
5.  Go back to contracting out the national convention, especially if the staff-organized 2002 Convention loses money for the national party.

1. Make sure the LNC fully complies with the Bylaws and the LNC Manual.
2. Arrange a forensic audit to ensure staff-organized internal audits have accounted properly for all income and expenditures.
3. Ensure the new LP Development program does not become a vehicle by which well-heeled donors gain too much control of the national party agenda.
4. Establish a consistent policy regarding accounting for all LNC contributions to candidates.
5. Ensure candidate recruitment or coordination of issue campaigns does not step on state parties' toes.
6. Create a stronger Conflict of Interest policy (LNC Manual Section I. 3) should the current one prove ineffective at preventing major internal controversies over relations between LNC members and presidential nomination contenders.
7. Add to the LNC Manual Section I. 5. on “Involving Government Regulatory Agencies in Disputes:” the language: “This policy does not absolve any LNC member or staff member from failing to comply with FEC or IRS regulations relevant to the LNC.”



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