NOTE: Steve Givot did beat Carol for Secretary in 2002.  In his last term he failed to produce any minutes and then quit as Libertrarian National Committee ("LNC") Secretary before the end of the term.

DUMP GIVOT CAMPAIGNS: 1993, 1998, 2000, 2002

Current (2000-2002) LNC Secretary Steve Givot is a controversial figure in the Libertarian Party and on the Libertarian National Committee ("LNC"), where he is now serving his sixth.  Carol Moore's run for LNC Secretary is motivated in part as an attempt to remove Steve Givot from serving in that, or any other position on the LNC.  After reading the below about past efforts (1993, 1998, 2000) to dump him you may well agree that, at the very least, it is time to "Term Limit Givot" whether he runs for Secretary or any other position on the LNC.  February 14, 2002 version.

Dump Givot 1993
     Steve Givot's behavior during his previous two LNC terms was so egregious that respected long-time libertarian Don Ernsberger felt it necessary to distribute the flyer below to libertarian delegates before voting for National Committee members.  (Steve also was a member and prominent spokesperson of the "Committee for a Libertarian Majority," an early effort to gut the Libertarian Party platform.)  I myself was disgusted particularly by his repeated abusive behavior of Chair Mary Gingell, which I personally witnessed at several National Committee meetings and read about in numerous e-mails.  That is why I created and sold a large number of "DUMP GIVOT" buttons like the above during the convention.  To the delight of many, Givot was defeated for the At-Large position.
   See information about CLM and link to CLM documents.
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Long-time libertarian activist Don Ernsberger busily and successfully distributed the leaflet below at the 1993 Convention. That, the DUMP GIVOT buttons, and general dissatisfaction convinced a lot of people it was time to give Givot a rest.  He was not re-elected to his At-Large position.

Dump Givot 1998
How Carol Moore Ran Against Givot and Drove the Voting to Three Ballots

After three years in the wilderness, Steve Givot ran for the Libertarian National Committee as an At-Large representative in 1996. (There wasn't no 1995 convention because the party switched to an even year convention schedule.)  Below are the leaflet I distributed the first day of the convention when I was considering running for Secretary and a report on the voting that went to three ballots.


     I came to the 1998 Libertarian Party convention as a delegate representing the District of Columbia and to promote libertarian decentralism at my Non-Violent Secessionist Strategies booth.  I went to the June 30 L.P. platform committee meeting to urge the committee to put “abolish F.B.I.” back in the platform.
     What I saw there reminded me of something out of “invasion of the body snatchers.”  First there was a brief debate in which the words “too controversial” were used a few times too often.  Then the usually abrasive and always opportunistic Steve Givot took over.  He was unusually cool and calm as he manipulated the platform committee into going through his personal re-write of the platform.   (Evidently they did look at other libertarians’ proposals as they went.)  I got the queasy feeling I was watching the movie the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers!”  I left in disgust after two hours.
    I later learned of the worst that the Givot-influenced platform committee did.  They gutted the hard-core and detailed defense of the right to bear arms, making it a wishy washy statement that could be in the Republican Party platform.  They gutted important details defending the rights of  immigrants.  And they totally gutted the plank supporting women’s right to be free of government interference in the matter of abortion.  They stated that since abortion is too controversial, the party should have no position!
     Well, drugs, homosexual rights, and military  non-intervention are controversial, too.  Will Givot and crew gut those next?
     I myself was particularly horrified by the move to strip women of the Libertarian Party’s defense of their rights to control their own bodies.  I and others are organizing various protests against this horrific move.  We Won’t Go Back! If we gut this platform that will be the major media story of the convention.
     After this trauma, I learned that Steve Givot is the only candidate for secretary of the Libertarian National Committee.  As I talked to others on July 1, I became more determined that Givot has competition–even if it has to be me!
     So unless a serious and credible candidate who can beat Steve Givot announces for Secretary of the Libertarian National Committee, I will run. (Note: an individual did decide to run, but did not explain to me that he had backing from some serious libertarians until right before the speeches, by which time too many people were expecting me to give my speech and finish my campaign.)
     I have sufficient qualifications for what is a simple and straightforward job. I am a professional legal secretary. I’ve been a Libertarian Party member since 1979.  I have been Secretary of the New York City and D.C. parties, Chair of the D.C. party and office manager of the Los Angeles Libertarian Party.
     I know how to take succinct notes of resolutions and decisions and get the minutes.  I’m not afraid to demand people repeat their statements and decisions until I have recorded them accurately. And I believe in getting the minutes out immediately.  I have  attended about a dozen National Committee meetings over the last 12 years and know how grueling they can be.  I live in D.C. so can easily get to the two meetings a year held there.  I know how to fund-raise to pay for my trip elsewhere to make sure the notes get taken.
     I have been an organizer and writer in the feminist, peace, libertarian, drug legalization and Waco Justice movements. I am the author of the mass market paperback THE DAVIDIAN MASSACRE, published by Gun Owners Foundation.  In my “Waco” activism I have spoken on dozens of radio shows and appeared on “Nightline,” the McNeil Lehrer report and two nationally televised cable television shows.
     Help me tell Steve Givot and those who are embarrassed by the Libertarian Party and its “controversial” platform that Libertarians will fight for liberty.  We’ll do it in the streets, we’ll do it on the convention floor, and we’ll do it on CNN by running for party office.
     To talk to me more about this insult to the liberty of gun owners, immigrants and women (who happen to be just about everybody on the planet) visit me at the D.C. delegation or at my “Non-Violent  Secessionist Strategies” booth.
RESULTS: 1998 National LP Convention Summary of Business - Sunday
        The results of the first ballot for Secretary were: Givot 186, Moore 156, Bachrach 76, NOTA 8, write-in for Howard Stern 1, abstain 1. [state by state vote]
        Because no candidate received a majority, a second vote was held between Givot and Moore. The results of the second vote were: Givot 209, Moore 182, NOTA 27, abstain 4, write-in Bachrach 1, write-in Tamara Millay 1. Givot was elected on a third vote conducted by standing count: Givot 192, NOTA 118.
Dump Givot 2000
       I didn't go to the 2000 Convention in Los Angeles.  Maryland LP activist Steve Boone ran a largely symbolic campaign against Givot. I did get one vote in that Secretary race--from my good friend Bruce Baechler.  Sadly, Bruce died after an automobile accident in September, 2000.  Visit my Bruce Bachelor Memorial page.

Dump Givot 2002
And Bisson and Israel, too!!

    As a member of the LNC since 1996 and, as Secretary, of the Executive Committee as well since 1998, Steve Givot is more responsible than most LNC members for the failings of the staff and national party, as well as the many controversies LNC/Staff controversies over the years. Just search for the word "Givot" in my controversy pages  and you'll see what he's been up to!  (In case I forgot to mention it, he's also one of the pro-war on Afghanistan hawks, so peaceniks beware!)
     Steve Givot has indicated he's thinking about running for Secretary again. If he does not, he conceivably could run for Atl-Large. Let's face it, he's addicted to the LNC!
    Just so Steve won't feel like I'm persecuting him, however, this time I've made a button encouraging libertarians to dump as well two of his close cronies, current Vice-Chair and Vice-Chair candidate Steve Bisson and current At-Large representative and Chair candidate Elias Israel.  Searching these pages will tell you why they need to be dumped from the LNC.

   Endorse Carol Moore for Secretary of LNC!
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Givot only beat me by 27 votes in 1998 --
Help me trounce Steve Givot this time around!