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Carol Moore for Secretary -- Libertarian National Committee - 2002
Leadership - Not Compromise!
       On July 6, 2002, at the Libertarian Party national convention in Indianapolis incumbent Libertarian National Committee Secretary Steve Givot defeated Carol Moore for Secretary 349 to 147, with 1 vote going to George Phillies and 12 to None of the Above. Moore said, "In 1998 when Givot beat me by only 27 votes, a lot of people were mad at him for his obnoxious behavior.  I guess Steve learned his lesson.  For the last four years he's been on his best behavior -- meanwhile I've been very controversial promoting a strong pro-peace position and generally being an all round uppity woman.  But I learned a few things about running a campaign and got lots of good support from those who agree with me so, like all campaigns, it was not a wasted effort."

      In spring of 2002 Carol Moore re-constituted the Pro-Choice Libertarians, the group that successfully lobbied 1988 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul to promise not to discuss during his campaign his personal position that abortion should be outlawed.  The group now has a web page  Members of the group distributed a letter signed by 47 libertarians requesting the Platform Committee and the Convention delegates keep womens right to abortion in the Libertarian Party Platform and ignore the lobbying of prohibitionists who want to outlaw abortion.  Other Libertarians continue to sign on to the letter.  The group will continue to lobby for the Libertarian Party to make clear its preference the government stay out of the abortion issue.

     As an organizer for Libertarians for Peace, in the spring of 2002 Carol Moore spear headed a  Petition for A Strong Libertarian Party Statement on Military Non-Intervention to Libertarian Party National Committee members and 2002 National Convention Delegates.  We want the LP to make non-interventionism a signature issue.  So as a first step to achieving this goal sign the petition now.   We will be promoting a revised and shorter resolution for passage at the Convention.

       In late February/early March 2002, Carol Moore encouraged libertarians around the nation to demand that the Libertarian National Committee ("LNC") call for repeal of the Patriot Act.  A flood of resultant e-mails to LNC members resulted in current Secretary Steve Givot proposing just such a resolution and the LNC passing it in March of 2000.  See text and article at:
      Many libertarians are increasingly dissatisfied with the "hawk" faction of the LNC lead by Chair Candidate Elias Israel who introduced the October 2001 Resolution that effectively supported worldwide U.S. military intervention against alleged terrorists.   In December 2001 LNC  member Joe Dehn proposed a non-intervention resolution to make it clear that the Libertarian Party remains a firmly non-interventionist party, in part by defacto calling for bringing home US troops from Afghanistan.  However, hawks shot that down.  Those LNC members voting against the December resolution were: Dan Karlan, Deryl Martin, Scott Leiberman, Ken Bisson, Jim Turney, Don Gorman, Mark Rutherford, Elias Israel, Ed Hoch, Steve Givot. The LNC has to prove that it is more interested in protecting Americans liberties than in supporting the War on Terrorism. For more information on these issues go to the Libertarians for Peace articles page.
and Carol Moore Letter to the Editor Correcting Inaccuracies

Carol Moore launches bid for LNC Secretary
    Calling for "Leadership, Not Compromise," Washington, DC Libertarian Carol Moore has announced her candidacy for Libertarian National Committee (LNC) Secretary in 2002.
    Moore said she decided to run for office after the LNC "compromised" LP principles when it approved a resolution in October supporting "forceful" but "appropriate and measured" action against the terrorists responsible for the September 11 terrorist attacks.
    "[The LNC passed the resolution] in part to placate members it had never properly educated to understand our non-interventionist platform," she said. "If elected secretary, I promise to work to make the Libertarian Party the leader in the struggle for liberty -- not a wannabe Demopublican Party."
    Moore said that LP members who oppose military action in Afghanistan should vote for "pro-peace" candidates such as herself to the LNC.
    If elected, Moore said she will emphasize "honesty, integrity, and accountability;" ensure the LNC does not use its strategic plan to override the party's principles; emphasize the Libertarian belief in "contractual communities;" and promote high-visibility issue campaigns to create a "leading edge" image for the party.
    Moore, a legal secretary, previously ran for LNC secretary at the LP national convention in 1998, losing to current LNC Secretary Steve Givot of Colorado.
    She also served as Chair of the District of Columbia LP from 1999-2001.
    New LNC officers will be elected at the party's national convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, July 3-7, 2002.
    For more information, visit:

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Carol's Correction Letter to Editor, LP News
      Your January 2002 "Political News" article about my campaign for LNC Secretary mischaracterized my opposition to the October LNC resolution, leaving the impression I was opposed to a resolution you described as "supporting 'appropriate and measured' action" against the September 11 terrorists.  In fact I wrote in my press release, the only source of information that you used: "The Libertarian National Committee recently violated the Libertarian Party Principles and Platform by supporting an unconstitutional war."
      I am protesting that the LNC voted to support the US government taking "forceful action against terrorists." Its resolution said: "Such criminals must be rooted out and destroyed before more innocent people die. Their training camps and weapons must be eliminated. Their supply infrastructure must be shattered." It also noted: "Every precaution must be taken to minimize injury or death to innocent civilians and non-combatants -- in Afghanistan and in other nations."
     This statement obviously supports the US government bombing any part of any nation where those  suspected of terrorist connections or intent are living, working or passing through--and without a Constitutional declaration of war, which our platform clearly calls for. That the LNC claims the Libertarian Party supports this massively interventionist policy undermines our claim to be a party committed to protecting America through non-intervention.
   Also, to correct another error, as my press release said, I was chair of the Libertarian Party of DC from 2000-2001, not 1999-2001.
   Finally, the correct URL for my the Secretary Campaign section of my web site is  01-07-02

Official Announcement - January, 2002
      Long time libertarian and peace activist Carol Moore has announced a second run for Libertarian National Committee (“LNC”) Secretary.  Her last minute run in 1998 against current secretary Steve Givot resulted in an exciting three ballot race. During her nominating speech Ms. Moore also inspired the Libertarian National Convention to pass a resolution calling for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. The resolution lead to national publicity for the party.
    Libertarian Party officers will be elected at the Libertarian National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, July 3-7, 2002.  If elected to a two-year term as Secretary, Moore said she would work to:
      ** Ensure LNC and staff members’ honesty, integrity and accountability by being ever vigilant that no conflicts of interest or cronyism lead to bad policy decisions, withholding of information, questionable financial dealings or shoddy services.
      ** Ensure the LNC does not use the “Strategic Plan” as an excuse to override the Libertarian Party’s Principles or Platform–or to discourage “hardcore” libertarians from running for party or political office.
      ** Make the Libertarian Party the “Protect America” and “Peace” party emphasizing protecting America by ending foreign intervention, whether under the guise of “national defense” or “humanitarian assistance” and by offering the libertarian solution to civil wars in Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine, the Balkans and around the world–individual liberty to form self-determining, self-governing and minimal state communities on justly acquired property.
      ** Make the Libertarian Party the “Secure Communities” party emphasizing that liberty does not mean a scary “anything goes” world but a safe and secure one where individuals exercise the right to form diverse, self-governing, contractual communities which promote their members’ values while protecting them against unwanted influences.
      ** Promote high visibility and wedge issue campaigns to create a leading edge image for the party.  Exciting and controversial campaigns and professional media staff can ensure that at least one Libertarian Party member promotes the Libertarian Party on national television every week.
      "The Libertarian National Committee recently violated the Libertarian Party Principles and Platform by supporting an unconstitutional war.  It did so in part to placate members it had never properly educated to understand our non-interventionist platform.  If elected Secretary, I promise to work to make the Libertarian Party the leader in the struggle for liberty--not a wannabe Demopublican Party,” said Moore, a libertarian activist for 22 years.  “That’s what I mean by ‘Leadership, Not Compromise!’”
       As year 2000-2001 Chair of the Libertarian Party of the District of Columbia, Carol Moore revived the party which then ran two city-wide candidates who brought the LPDC its highest vote total ever. She also increased membership, doubled party fund raising and spurred members to create a party platform and democratize and professionalize the constitution and bylaws.
      As a lead organizer in libertarian, peace, feminist, drug legalization, Waco Justice and other groups, Carol Moore has organized numerous campaigns, events and press conferences and appeared on dozens of national television and radio shows as a spokeswoman for liberty.
      Carol Moore is author of “The Davidian Massacre” and webmaster of CarolMoore.Net, Non-Intervention.Net, Secession.Net, ConfederatedCommunitiesofAmerica.Net and WhatWouldGandhiDo.Net She also is a professional legal secretary in Washington, DC.

     During the December Libertarian National Committee meeting in Washington, DC LNC members voted against a resolution to correct the confusion caused by the October, 2001 resolution which seems to support massive US government intervention to apprehend terrorists worldwide.  Some members, like Steve Givot, Scott Leiberman and Deryl Martin admitted they supported bombings despite the failure to declare war.  Other opponents like Mark Rutherford, Don Gorman and Elias Israel cleverly avoided the failures of the October resoltuions and said the office staff should be left to deal with the issue.  The final vote was three yes, ten no and five abstains.  This was far better than the orginal, which was all yes and one abstain! Non-interventionist libertarians will try again at the March 2002 LNC meeting to pass an anti-intervention and anti-Patriot Act resolution.  For more details on both resolutions go to Libertarians for Peace articles section.
     Connecticut state Secretary James Madison, whose LNC_Peace online discussion group was featured in the December 2001 LPNEWS, has merged his efforts into the Libertarians for Peace group which emerged out of the Libs4peace discussion group started by libertarian activist Todd A. Barnett of Michigan.  Organizing with them is Carol Moore, Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of D.C.
      The goal of the group has expanded to run not only pro-peace candidates for the Libertarian National Committee at the 2002 Convention, but to run more pro-peace Congressional candidates during the year 2002 elections.  The group already has attracted several individuals intending to take on those challenges.