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                      This is a set of links to groups and causes that I support.

                      Click a link on the left and you will go to a page describing the
                      group, and one or more links to appropriate pages.

                      Most groups are on the upper left side of the Nolan Chart. This is a
                      good way to check your own political type -- some people are
                      surprised when they find out. The Nolan Chart Quiz is used by
                      political science classes and printed in newspapers around the
                      country. There is no bias to it other than that of only having 10

 Table of Contents
 War Tax Resistance
 Rainbow Family
 Libertarian Party

Freedom! Site Quaker Links

                      Quakers, or Friends, try to speak to that of God in everyone. It is a
                      non-creedal religion, meaning we don't have a set recital of what we
                      believe, and generally we are encouraged to think for ourselves.
                      Many free-thinkers become Friends.

                      Here is a link to a page that tries to cover the broad spectrum of

                      There are basically four types of Friends in the US these days, the
                      result of various religious struggles. These are:

                      Liberal Friends, who are generally part of Friends General
                      Conference (eastern) or Pacific Yearly Meeting and its children
                      (western).  Liberal Friends usually have unprogrammed meetings and
                      do not generally have pastors.

                      Friends United Meeting Friends, who are part of Friends United
                      Meeting. This is a broad group that includes some Yearly Meetings
                      that are part of FGC and EFI. FUM Friends may have programmed or
                      unprogrammed meetings and may have pastors.

                      Evangelical Friends International Friends, who are evangelical and
                      have much interplay with other evangelical Christians. EFI Friends
                      always have programmed services and pastors.

                      Conservative Friends, who are often considered closest to the
                      Quakerism of the old days. Conservative Friends have
                      unprogrammed meetings and no pastors.

Freedom! Site War Tax Resistance Links

                      Do you pray for peace, but pay for war?

                      Many people regularly pay their taxes, without thinking about what
                      the money is spent on. Much of it -- over 50% by some calculations --
                      is spent on war making, servicing the war debt, and training for war.

                      Some people refuse to pay their taxes. Often they choose to give the
                      money to a good organization in place of payng war taxes. The
                      government doesn't like this, and often sends computer generated
                      notices demanding that they pay. It doesn't work -- War Tax
                      Resisters are among the least likely to be scared by that.

                      The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee, or
                      NWTRCC, is a loose group of war tax resisters of various types.
                      Write them for information. They have a gathering twice a year.

Freedom! Site Rainbow Family Links

                      What's the Rainbow Family of Living Light? It's a bunch o people who
                      all have navels.

                      Members of the Rainbow Family, among other things, camp in the
                      woods, usually in a national forest, for the period roughly from July
                      1 to July 7 each year, with people coming early to set up and
                      staying late to clean up.

                      The Gathering is the largest libertarian gathering that I know of. With
                      5,000 to 20,000 people it dwarfs the Libertarian Party National
                      Convention, the runner up. It operates on pacifist and libertarian
                      communist principles, though I doubt you'd gt many at the gathering
                      to say so. Everyone contributes, everyone shares, everything flows
                      pretty smoothly.

                      Explore the Rainbow Family and the Gathering, and other activities
                      like potlucks, newsletters and hotlines, at this site. Welcome home!

Freedom! Site IWW Links

                      The Industrial Workers of the World has been organizing workers,
                      especially low wage workers, for 94 years now. Totally worker
                      controlled, with a fetish for democratic process, the IWW is the only
                      union I know of that advocates worker ownership from the bottom

                      The IWW calls for worker control, of the job shop and of the union. It
                      calls on workers to take responsibility for their own liberation, and
                      not to count on anyone else for it. The IWW is explicitly
                      anti-capitalist, believing that the boss is living off the sweat of the

                      The IWW has been the target of various smear campaigns over the
                      years. In World War I, for example, the IWW saw no reason for
                      workers of one country to kill workers of other countries and called
                      for "anti-militarist propaganda in times of peace, and in war the
                      General Strike in all industries."

                      Thousands of Wobblies went to prison over that. Interestingly, the
                      rank and file were held at one prison, where they organized
                      themselves according to standard IWW practice and committed
                      themselves respectably from all reports. The union's "heavies", who
                      were held at another prison, apparently got to feuding among
                      themselves and did not come off that well.

                      Here's a list of IWW servers. Contact one or all of them.

             Australian IWW
             Berkeley, California IWW
             San Francisco, California IWW
             Saint Louis, Missouri IWW
             Salt Lake City, Utah IWW
             Canadian IWW
             Baltimore, Maryland IWW
             Boston, Massachusettes IWW

Freedom! Site Anarchist Links

                      I realized I was an anarchist when I was 16. I was struggling with
                      what course to take with the draft (I  refused to register and did 13
                      months) and started thinking about what would happen to me in

                      In the US I was looking at a hefty jail sentence, up to five years. In
                      Russia, I would also be looking at a jail sentence. Why were both the
                      US and Russia, which I had been taught were enemies, insisting that I
                      do something that the Bible and other moral teachings say is wrong?

                      I puzzled on that for a while, and finally figured it out. The US and
                      Russia are both political states, and each claims the right to kill
                      people. As a pacifist, I do not give anyone the right to kill.

                      At that point I realized that I was an anarchist. I have a fundamental
                      disagreement with the basic nature of the state. A "state" that could
                      not kill would not be a state, really -- it would be extremely different
                      from the way things work today. A non-violent state couldn't collect
                      taxes, for example, it could only encourage voluntary donations. It
                      certainly couldn't draft people under penalty of imprisonment.

                      I later found that there were other anarchists around, and began
                      some reading. But not that much -- frankly, I find a lot of anarchist
                      reading boring. I prefer the action.

                      One thing I discovered is that there are at least three general types
                      of anarchists: those of the left, who also fight capitalism; those of
                      the right, who also fight communism; and the pacifists, who also
                      oppose war. There are many permutations.

                      Here are some anarchist links. I have tried to include links from the
                      left and the right. Right now I don't know of any pacifist anarchist
                      links other than my own pages, but when I find some I will include
                      them. Note that all of my links include anarchists to some degree.  (The Voluntaryist)

Freedom! Site Libertarian Links

                      The Libertarian Party is one of the largest third parties in the USA. It
                      has been on the ballot in all 51 states three time since 1980, and
                      looks like it will continue. It has had members of the legislature in
                      three different states, including an official Libertarian Minority in
                      New Hampshire. In terms of slow, steady progress it is atop the
                      third party world.

                      This link to the Libertarian Party will take you to the national LP
                      home page.

                      The Libertarian Party has affiliates in every state. Some of the ones
                      I've been in touch with include:

                     Libertarian Party of Texas

                     Libertarian Party of North Carolina

                      Here's links to libertarian organizations not necessarily affiliated with the party.

Freedom! Site ACLU Links

                      The American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU, is dedicated to
                      supporting the Bill of Rights.

                      Some will say that it ignores the Second Amendment, but from what
                      I've seen that is a state by state matter, with some acknowledging it
                      as important and others talking about it being "group right" that has
                      something to do with the National Guard.

                      I was on the board of the ACLU of Travis County, Texas for a couple
                      of years and found it an interesting experience. First lesson: the
                      ACLU has little more legal resources than I do. It can't be a free
                      lawyer even on civil liberties cases. For a good case it can do
                      wonders, but almost all its workers are volunteers. Surprise!

                      Here is a link to the national ACLU page.

Freedom! Site Homelands Links

                      This page has links to resources on secession, homelands, and
                      practical libertarian methods.

                      I don't know if a geographically based system will make sense, as the
                      internet thrives, but here are resources that are based on that model:

                      Homelands Page lists secessionist and other movements in countries
                      and areas around the world.

                      Secessionist Resources [now Secession.Net] is an interesting site.

                      The Free Nation Foundation has a newsletter and holds conferences on
                      the practical aspects of creating a libertarian society in a new country.