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     I believe that no nuclear war can be localized and will within a short time become a world nuclear war.  I believe that such a world war can be prevented, but only if the people of the world make ending the militarization of nation states their number one priority.  And I believe that if there is a nuclear war four to five billion of the world's six billion inhabitants will die of direct nuclear affects, injuries, disease and starvation within the first year of the war, more if nuclear weapons continue to be expended over time.  However, there will be nuclear war survivors --  among some of those who prepared to survive in the Northern Hemisphere -- or got lucky -- and among those in the Southern Hemisphere who will be least targeted by nukes.  If all this seems sensible to you, read on!


   Nonviolent action theorist Gene Sharp describes 198 Methods Of Nonviolent Action (see them all) in the second book of his three book series The Methods of Nonviolent Action. I suggest the anti-nuclear war movement utilize every single one of them!  Below are a variety of groups pursuing a variety of nonviolent strategies.  As I have said repeatedly, I oppose violent activism.  See my site WhatWouldGandhiDo.Net.
     As I say in the introduction to this web page,
the one thing most likely to end the possibility of nuclear war for good is non-violent dissolution of war-torn and warring nation states into non-violent self-determining communities and city states which will destroy all nuclear weapons since they can not afford to keep or use them. (See my site Secession.Net for ideas about this radical decentralist alternative).  Unfortunately, such radical dissolution is likely to happen only after a nuclear war has killed millions or billions of people.  However, I think this consideration should be part of all nuclear war survival strategies, including those described below.


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Cresson H. Kearny's classic "Nuclear War Survival Skills" details what one needs to know. The author did not copyright it so that anyone could publish and distribute the information.
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