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Photos and commentary by Carol Moore
(See photos of 2001 and on protests here.)

A couple thousand people showed up at Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. and marched to the White house to express their disgust and outrage over President Clinton's threatening to bomb Iraq instead of continuing negotiations. Above is a photo of the "Wag the Dog Precision Drill Team."  In response to one chant of "No Blood for Oil" the drill team later chanted, "No Blood for Monica."
Below is the big cardboard and fabric dog that led the drill team.

Below President Clinton grabs the butt of the big dog.
The man has no self-control!!!

Talk of bombing was particularly frightening to those of who saw the recent "60 Minutes" show that detailed how poorly organized is the Russian command and control of their nuclear weapons.  In early  1996 Norway informed the Russians they'd be sending up a weather satellite, but the Russians forgot.  So when they saw the satellite, they came within three minutes of launching nuclear weapons.  Luckily, the generals decided that it probably wasn't an attack and did not send off their missiles.

The Sexual-Predator-in-Chief and Me

"60 Minutes" also showed how hungry Russian soldiers steal wiring and other materials from nuclear weapons sites and how jury rigged the weapons systems are.  It mentioned some suggestions for keeping the missiles from flying.  One was putting a big concrete lid over the silos that had to be moved off with a crane.  The missiles are so out of control they have to rely on brute force to keep them in their silos???  If Norway weather satellites make them nervous, how about massive bombings a thousand odd miles from their border?

The big warfare/welfare corporate state is going to kill us, if we don't abolish it first. For more on non-violent dissolution of nation states into happy, peaceful confederations of self-governing communities see Secession.Net.

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