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March 30, 2001 celebration of the acquittal of the Democracy 7
(See trial photos.)
Charged with "Disruption of Congress" at a second trial that ended with a unanimous "not guilty"  verdict on February 15th.

 The Democracy Seven -- from left, Karen A. Szulgit, Steve Donkin, Tanya Snyder, Martin Thomas, Bette Hoover, Debby Hanrahan, and Queen Mother ShemaYah.  Also, organizers Anise Jenkins and Wayne Turner.

  Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (right, first photo) and former DC Mayor Sharon Pratt (left, second photo) spoke.  As did fiery Councilmembers Adrian Fenty, who with Phil Mendelson presented a Ceremonial Resolution honoring the "DC  Democracy Seven." "DC Democracy Seven Day" was passed unanimously by DC Council on Tuesday,  March 6, 2001.

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