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Libertarian Party National Convention Photos 
May 27-31, 2004    Atlanta, Georgia
Michael Badnarik for President - 2004
Richard Campagna for Vice President
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Libertarian Party page.
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Unless otherwise noted, photos copyright Carol Moore 2004.  Photos may be used only with permission.

Platform Committee at work.  Note just one female member--
plus Doris Gordon and me all over their cases.

Friday May 28

Congressperson Ron Paul - the only libertarian in Congress - helps kick things off.

Libertarians for Peace and ISIL Tables

Delegates hard at work on the floor listen to "M.G." de Lemos opine on reformatting
the whole L.P. platform -- just before delegates vote to do it!


Michael "Who needs a campaign room, literature, staff to campaign?
I'm just glad I could afford to get here." Badnarik (left)

Richard Campagna, a gentleman and a scholar, shares his ideas.

Nolan promotes his vision with delegates in his campaign room.

Delegates wait breathlessly for Russo's next outrageous comment.
Where's that balloon Reason magazine reported he was
hugging? Someone told me he said,
"Carol will say I'm sexually harassing this balloon!"

John Clifton (NY) and J. J. Johnson (NV) share their unique insights.

Saturday May 29

While pro-Iraq War talk show host Neal Boortz (who has said he'd consider being an LP Presidential candidate  candidate after he retires) speaks to hundreds of delegates at breakfast, a couple dozen pro-peace libertarians gather to hear Nolan and Russo speak.  I guess they couldn't find Badnarik.

Russo speaks, as does Carol about Libertarians for Peace and leafleting Boortz talk.

Gary Nolan, Aaron Russo and Michael Badnarik debate, as shown on C-SPAN.

Musical chairs.

Russo shakes Nolan's hand, evidently does not make any "Kill the Arab" jokes.

Sunday May 30

Fred Collins (who took one of my free SECEDE! buttons) nominates Michael Badnarik. 
He picked the winning horse and is now his professional and talented
"Troika" group is managing Badnarik's campaign.

D.C. was the only majority female delegation. The fourth delegate hid because he did didn't want his Republican bosses to see him.  Rob "here's a $100 banquet ticket; pleeeeeze let me vote for Russo on the second ballot" Kampia was an alternate.

As seen on CSPAN, Carol paces the floor supporting her first ballot candidate -
He gets 1 Vote from DC and 2 from Utah.
(In 2000 Bush invited Carey to be in his inaugural procession. 
His well publicized reply: Why does he want me? I'm a libertarian.)

Delegates campaign for their candidates.

Delegates cast votes for their states.

Gary Nolan and Steve Dasbach, thinking positive thoughts
between the first and second ballots.

Between the first and second ballots Russo tells Badnarik he'd like to
have him as his V.P., as heard on C-SPAN.

Gary Nolan concedes and endorses Badnarik, which is his prerogative.

Russo was shy when I tried to take his photo with GA Chair Mark Mosely.
But he allowed Carol to have her picture taken with him during
his concession speech - where he was booed for attacking Nolan again.

(Now that the politicking was over Carol finally could relax in her regular street wear.)

Badnarik with mother and father.

Richard Campagna, with family, accepts nomination.

As seen on CSPAN, Russo hears the third ballot results.
Mr. and Ms. Russo, after it's all over.

Russo's campaign manager jumps right on the Badnarik bandwagon. 
He became its Communications Director.
See Carol Moore's report on the 2004 LP Convention with more photos!

Sunday Night Banquet. Yes, we were in Atlanta!
These are the Alabama Azalea Trail Maids

And there's Carol at the apartment building where
Margaret Mitchell wrote GONE WITH THE WIND.
Appropriately, Carol started SECESSIONISTS FOR BADNARIK in Atlanta.
 Photos copyright Carol Moore 2004.  Photos may be used only with permission.