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OCTOBER 19, 1998

On Monday, October 19 five hundred activists from around the country converged
on the military's headquarters the five-sided "Pentagon" in Northern Virginia
for a day of protesting war, violence and militarism organized by
the War Resisters League and other groups..

Several activists came from Seattle in the bus above, stopping to pick
up more protesters on the way.

Several hundred activists attended the War Resisters League conference the
weekend before the action.

 Juanita and Wally Nelson have been war tax resisters for 50 years.

War tax resisters distribute literature at the October 18 D.C. Peace Concert.

On October 19th, 500 protesters marched from Arlington Cemetery to the Pentagon,
led by the Bread and Puppet theaters Peace Doves.

The sign held over the speakers at the Pentagon reads:
"Mr. President: The Era of Big Government is Over"

Early in the morning 23 protesters were arrested doing a non-violent
civil disobedience at the escalators leading into the Pentagon Lobby.
Later that afternoon protesters tried to cross police lines to enter the Pentagon,
but police were holding them back and arrested only 8.

Crowd of at least a thousand throng steps of Pentagon.

Long-time activist Daniel Ellsberg was one of those who tried to be arrested.
He asked, "What does it take to get arrested around here?"

Several hundred people made this point clear to Pentagon employees.

Clowns and a prettily dressed fellow cavort for peace at the Pentagon.
Could such attire be the ultimate cure for the testosterone poisoning that afflicts humanity??
Maybe "totally casual Friday" is the solution for world peace!

Carol Moore holds up an advertisement published in the Washington Post
by a group reminding small businesses to solve their Year 2000 computer
problems.  Will the Pentagon and the rest of the big government
establishment come tumbling down on 1-1-2000?  Time will tell.

One protester's message....

 Photos copyright Carol Moore 1998.  Photos may be used only with permission.