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See Free Republic.Com protest vs Kosovo War

Even after he escaped Impeachment, President Clinton found protesters everywhere he went, including outside the White House. "Resign Rapist!" was the message he kept hearing.  Not to mention, "Treason is the Reason" from Republicans who would like to try him for Treason for allegedly selling US nuclear secrets to the Chinese.  Perhaps Clinton decided he'd rather go down in history as a war criminal than as a treasonous rapist...and so the bombing began...

Protesters were at the White House the first day of the bombings.

And protesters were not going to let Clinton forget impeachment
or the rape allegations.

Northern Virginia Green Party members protesting.

Serbian-Americans bring the target symbol to the White House.

Conservative "Free Republic" anti-war protesters rally with anti-war activists.

On April 15th war tax resisters gathered at IRS headquarters
to protest NATO bombings and all wars.  For more War
Tax Resister photographs, click here.

The April 23rd "De-Nuke Nato" Rally was timed to protest NATO's 50th Anniversary party and celebration of massive bombing of Yugoslavia, bombings that only spurred Serbs to expel hundreds of thousands of Albanians from Kosovo--not that NATO will admit its own culpability.

Puppeteers from the Washington Action Group.

A delegation of Russian anti-nuclear scientists attended the rally.

As a grand finale, rally participants destroyed NATO missiles.

Two versions of Ms. Liberty. The one on the bottom went to
her regular anti-Clinton Friday White House protest after this rally--
only to be attacked by Albanian protesters who happened
to be there at the same time and thought she was a counter-protester.

The April 24th Serbian-American rally brought at least
8000 people to the White House to protest NATO's bombing of Serbia.

On Sunday, April 24th some protesters yelled and whistled loud enough
for Clinton and his NATO cronies at lunch in the big tent to hear.

At a May 4, 1999 FreeRepublic.Com "Impeach Clinton Again" rally, 
also protested war on Serbia.

Kurdish activists' photo of NATO member Turkey's soldiers
conducting ethnic cleansing on some Kurd men.
(Yes, those are severed heads.)

Carol Moore did a "trench coat" action at White House on
May 10, 1999 while Clinton held his White House conference on violence in schools.
She leafleted attendees in the waiting line with anti-war literature
and an expose of Clinton's assaults on women until threatened
with arrest by Secret Service men on bicycles.

On May 20 leading peace activists hold press conference at the
National Press Club announcing the formation of
the Coalition for Peace in Yugoslavia.  For info
go to:

 On May 22 DC Stop the War Now! sponsored
a march from Dupont Circle to the White House.

 June 3rd two dozen religious and peace activists blocked the gate
to the White House, calling for an end to the war.  All were arrested.
 150 activists sang and chanted in support.

Below, arrested Detroit Catholic Bishop Gumbleton is brought to van.

For the June 5th D.C. rally and march vs. the War
in Yugoslavia, members of the Washington Action
Group made a great float of a bombed out city.

DC Stop the War Now members at June 5th rally. against the war.

A Veterans group, with others, gathered baby dolls
to represent children killed in Iraq and Yugoslavia
and tried to throw them onto Madeline Albright' front
yard to mock her cavalier attitude towards the deaths of innocents.

War tax resisters at June 5th Rally -- they're everywhere!!

The anarchists were there, too.  International
Workers of the World's one big banner.

75 of us marched from Dupont Circle to ABC News to the Washington Post
to Bill Clinton's White House to denounce his assertion
the brutal, unnecessary and illegal bombing of Yugoslavia was a "victory"--
killing men, women and children cause you don't like
their leader is just Humani-Terrorism!

To protest the Washington Post's support of Clinton's War
(shown on one cover comforting an Albanian woman,
one who would not have suffered but for the Clinton-promoted bombing)
Carol Moore burned her subscription form and urged others
to drop their subscriptions for at least a few months.

One man shares his strategy for peace...

THE PROBLEM is people's acceptance of state violence as a legitimate way of organizing society, and the fact that unscrupulous individuals always will take advantage of such power.

THE SOLUTION is organizing society along principles of nonviolence and voluntarism, which would mean the end of militaries and large nation states.

For Carol Moore's article Non-Violence and Decentralization, click here.  Argues that a society organized by principles of non-violence would result in the dissolution of large, militarized nation states and freedom for individuals and communities.  Also see Secession.Net.

For Carol Moore's article Non-Violent Secessionist Strategies which describes non-violent secessionist
strategies for achieving a world of free, self-governing communities and city states, click here.

For more photos, as well as videos, of these DC events
go to:   Mickey'Zine
 Photos copyright Carol Moore 1999.  Photos may be used only with permission.
June 26th photos courtesy of Mike Flugenock.