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Photos of just a small percentage of protests; most recent on top; Carol Moore photos unless otherwise noted; buttons featured are for sale at

November 19, 2004 -- ReDefeatBush.Com Democracy Protest
About 50 people came to listen to Libertarian Presidential Candidate Michael Badnarik and Green Vice-Presidential Candidate Pat LaMarche speak about their challenges to the Ohio vote count.

November 19, 2004 -- Counter-Protest to Pro-War Iranians
The Washington Post printed the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization's (MEK or MKO) figure of 15,000 protesters calling for the US to support MEK terrorism against Iran *and* for State Department to take MEK off the terrorist list!  But the top photo an hour into the protest clearly shows they filled up only about one third of Freedom Plaza and had no more than 800 - 900 participants.  And a majority of them probably did not realize The Committee for Freedom and Democracy in Iran, like the National Council of Resistance of Iran, is just an MEK front group.

PMO1 is another name for MEK (MKO); this group claims it does NOT want the US or Israel to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities.

What other US-declared terrorist group could run a "missile" on a truck around and around Pennsylvania Ave?  Being friends with NEOCONS helps! One Anglo-Saxon looking fellow looked a lot like some infamous neocon.

"Hands Off Iran" was the Counter Protest Theme

The MEK is lead by husband-and-wife leaders of the People's Mujaheddin, Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, whose photos were featured on a dozen or more posters.  Some of their followers burned themselves to death in London last spring to protest Iran's government, leading to claims MEK is a destructive cult.

November, 2004 - National War Tax Resisters Conference in Swarthmore, PA
Resisters at work and at play - and check out that t-shirt!

November 6, 2004 -- Protest March on White House Against
Bush's Election by
Assorted DC Groups

Lots more photos at

November 3, 2004 -- Evening March Vs. Bush's Second Stolen Election
Assorted DC Groups

See more of Mike's photos and video

October 23, 2004 -  Memorial for 1100 US  Soldiers Killed in Iraq
1100 Coffins

October 2, 2004 -- Memorial for US and Iraq Victims of War
March from Arlington Cemetary to The Ellipse/White House with 1000 Coffins

Media photos

September 26, 2004 -- Tear Down The Wall Tour Supporting Palestinians

See other photos by John

September 20, 2004 -- Peace March to Gandhi Memorial in DC

Speaking at Gandhi Statute; Giant Puppet for Peace

September 10, 2004 -- Protesting Rumsfeld at National Press Club

Torture victim street theater and telling Rumsfeld to get the SPIES out of the Pentagon.

August 31, 2004 -- Police Arrest Non-Violent
War Resisters League Marchers

Close to 100 of the protestors were arrested by police on Fulton Street just moments after they attempted to march from the Ground Zero site of the World Trade Center disaster, north towards Madison Square Garden, the site of the Republican National Convention.  Infamous local DC activist Jay Marx arrested at left. More photos here.

August 29, 2004 -  New York Protest vs. Iraq War/Republican Convention

Media photos of 2 mile march and of 1000 coffins for dead Americans in Iraq.

Upclose crowd; Carol's button cart. (

Man whose son died in Iraq.  Two of many great signs and theatrics.

Jesse Jackson (behind megaphone) gives a quick "illegal" speech at end of the rally
while only a few cops watch over the peaceful dispersement.

August 13, 2004 - Demo at Iraq Embassy vs. Assaults on Najaf
(18th and P Street, DC)

Secret Service protects Embassy - can't they find any Iraqis to do it?
Carol's sign reads: "Defang the Neocons, Israel Lobby, Xian Zionists - Peace not war"

July 4, 2004 - Hemp Coalition 34th Annual "Smoke-In" at Lafayette Park
(first time Park Service allowed it there since 9-11)
followed by pro-marijuana concert on the Mall Near Lincoln Memorial

We were drenched during most of the rally.  Only 50 people attended, in part because of forecasted showers, but more because concernn about surveillance has stifled organizing and attendance.  See one of the really big ones --  July 4, 2000 - "Smoke In" at Lafayette Park

Anti-drug war activist Doug Greene speaks through downpour.  Tony Spezio (right) with other libertarians represented the Libertarian Party and its presidential candidate Michael Badnarik

Starting the march to the Lincoln Memorial site.

Outside the Mall first check point I read in my booming  voice, from my rain soaked sign, the first three sentences of the Declaration of Independence, emphasizing "it is the right of the people to alter or abolish government."  I got so excited I raised my fist at the end and called out SECESSION NOW! (See my site One observer in line yelled out, "Stand up for your rights!" A cop rushed by me to his squad car, probably to call in to HQ for advice.  My friend and I continued on.  I'm sure the call went out: "Be on alert for woman in blue polka dot dress reading Declaration of Independence.  Might be a terrorist!)  At the second check point where we entered, the officers allowed me to take their photos -- with my marijuana buttons.  One asked "Are these ferns on these buttons?"  My friend said, "I don't know." (Get your MJ button here.)

MD and DC libertarians with booth at concert which attracted 400 plus --
down from old days of 3-4,000 happy hempsters!

June 29, 2004 - The Muslim Vote in 2004 presented by Council in the National Interest

Ralph Nader right, running for President averages 26% of the Muslim vote.  He himself is Lebanese.  It was at this event he said that the US President and Congress are just "puppets" of the puppet master -- the Israeli Prime Minister.

Palestinian-American Dean Ahmad for Libertarian Party candidate Michael Badnarik.  Also speaking were CNI's Eugene Bird, Nihad Awad of CAIR, Hassan Ibrahim of MPAC and Amb. Edward Peck.

May 26-31, 2004 -  Libertarian Party Presidential Convention in Atlanta

"‘Al-Nakba’ (The Catastrophe) is the 1948 Dispossession of the Palestinian People by Israel
Refugee camp set up in Dupont Circle

May 12, 2004 "Mock Torture" at Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's Home
Local DC activists do a street theatre enactment of the Abu Ghraib Prison atrocities. 
I had a big cold and missed it.  Do it again!

May 8, 2004 - Two Libertarian Party Candidates Opposed to US War in Iraq
Both Gary Nolan and Aaron Russo would bring the troops home, end foreign aid and intervention. 
See Full Report.

April 25, 2004 - One Million Women March Against the War on Women's Lives
(Biggest Rally I Ever Saw on the Mall, including from Photos Like Below)

April 15, 2004 -  DC War Tax Resisters Redistribute Resisted Tax Money

See more at DCWTR.ORG

Photo at right was only tax protest photo on photos in 2004.  Guess who!

March 19 & 20, 2004 - Worldwide Protests on
First Anniversary of U.S. Aggression on Iraq

Iraqis want U.S. Out in Iraq -  Los Angeles activists display 560 pairs of combat boots for American dead.

Europeans mock Bush Cabal's Claims They are Motivated by Liberty

February 2004 -- Finished the Photos Section of "Is World Nuclear War Inevitable?" Page

Telling Bush's employees -- and a half dozen famous TV news anchors -- leaving and entering the White House that we're fed up with neocon traitors and corporate looters and want to send them to the moon!

January 8, 2004 - DC Anti-War Network Members Protest the FBI's "Almanac Warning"
to Question People Carrying Almanac's at Benjamin "Poor Richard's Almanac" Statue and FBI

Franklin said: "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety...."  In 2003 Reps Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul introduced the “Benjamin Franklin True Patriot Act" (H.R. 3171)  which would repeal unconstitutional sections of the USA PATRIOT ACT
  Photos copyright Carol Moore 2004.  Photos may be used only with permission.