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Photos of just a small percentage of DC protests; most recent on top; Carol Moore photos unless otherwise noted; Carol initiated, participated in many of these projects. Buttons at RadicalButtons.Com

November 9 - Protest Against Chalabai
Once Against at American Enterprise Institute against another Neocon Shill

After attending the event, former left winger Christopher Hitchens debates with
protesters over his support for the Iraq War.

October 26 - Civil Disobedience at White House to Protest
2000th Death of American Soldier in Iraq War

A quick protest first at American Enterprise Institute against
Michael Ledeen who was promoting Iran war inside.

Media flocks around "Abu Gharib" demonstrator (see

Cindy Sheehan and about two dozen others were arrested.

Counter protesters attempted to disrupt, one with nasty sign behind Cindy Sheehand,
others with patriot signs and banners. Their presence inspired my song
"I died for a lie."  Which may one day show here.

October 21, 2005 -World Can't Wait White House Protest
See Carol speak on video here

September 26 - Protest Outside AIPAC Office
(American Israel Public Affairs Committee, biggest Israel Lobby)

September 24 - Giant Protest Against the War
Between protesting Katrina and Bush's lies the protest was much bigger than expected

With the crowds buying buttons from me, it took me three hours to get from the Faragutt Palestine Protest to the Mall 1.5 miles away...

Religious War Tax Resisters

Vendors sell buttons and stickers that get the word out way after the protest is over.

September 2005  - Camp Casey D.C.
Cindy Sheehan brings her encampment to the White House doorstep

Boots representing dead soldiers.

August 17 - Cindy Sheehan Support Vigil
DC people supporting Cindy Sheehan's First Vigil at George Bush's Ranch in Crawford

August 5 - Hiroshima Commemoration
At 9pm, August 6th in Hiroshima, activists light candles

Sone of the highly committed speakers

July 2005 - 9/11 Truth Convergence
Fun rally and later a conference with a lot of government skeptics

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern shows t-shirt with graphic of tombstones of fallen troops.

2004 Libertarian Party candidate Michael Badnark

Carol in her "right to alter and abolish government" t-shirt.

Check out 9-11Truth.Org

July 4 - Smoke-In
How many more years before we marijuana smokers are free at last???  Because of this homeland security nonsense, only a few dozens showed, as opposed to past years when thousands showed.

Why smokers don't want to celebrate on the mall any more.
Check out my POT PINS.

June 16 - White House Rally to Support Rep. John Conyers Delivering
Signatures of 500,000
Americans who want
Answers on the "Downing Street" Iraq Memo

Reg Keys, father of British soldier who died in Iraq.  In protest, this May he ran for the seat in Parliament held by England's Tony Blair.

Protesters support Conyers as he tries to get the White House to take the signatures.

Frustrated Free Republic protesters support Bush in back ground.  They also recognized my sign, originally carried to support Clinton's impeachment, now for Bush's!!

Conyers and Cindy Sheehan of Gold Star Mothers whose son died in Iraq
address crowd.

Attendee - Veteran of a past war based on lies??

March 1, 2003 DC Anti-War Network Protest at White House

May 28 - Leaflet and Counter-Protest Neocon-Manipulated "Iran Freedom Rally"
While we sympathize with the desire for freedom, democracy, a more secular state by most of the participants, we know that any rally whose keynote speaker is neoconservative  "Dark Prince" Richard Perle ultimately is about war.  Perle has stated repeatedly military action against Iran "may be" needed.   The Iran Freedom Rally was sponsored by "Unfit For Command" co-author Jerome Corsi whose Iran Freedom Foundation quite obviously supports war against Iran. 
As Americans, we see it as our duty to protest pre-emptive wars of aggression on other peoples.

Dave was calm when he got his photo taken with Perle in back ground but lost his temper when Perle got up to speak and started screaming at Perle.  It wasn't clear to audience WHAT he was yelling about until three more of us started chanting DON'T BOMB IRAN!  That was a message the whole crowd DID agree with.

Perle plots while angry Iranian inadvertently helps Perle advanced the neoconservative agenda of U.S. and Israeli dominance of Middle East oil, resources and people.

Considering the prominence of two unsavor groups of neoconservative allies -- the monarchists who want to put the Shah's son back in power and the Mohadejin el-Kalq (a terrorist cult which does not attend other's events) -- it can be difficult to figure out which are the progressive groups worthy of support.  One such group seems to be the grassroots oriented "S.O.S." Coalition

Sure hope Cor$i's ears were burning!

About 10 of us DC Antiwar Network and Iranian progressives made sure the Iran Freedom Rally, White House tourists and White House employees knew why we were there.

May 27 - Protest at Army Recruiting Station in Silver Spring
About 40 members of DC Antiwar Network, Code Pink, Veterans for Peace and other groups participated.

Photos of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq remind recruiters of their dirty business.

Activists picket and Rev. Grayland Hagler speaks.

"Free Republic" counter-protesters with their two big bull horns got right in them middle of us.

Peaceniks out-shouted the "Freepers," changing their anti-peacenik chants to anti-bush and anti-war chants.  And then they complained we were stealing their chants!
 (Carol's button quite explicit.  I also wore my "patriotic" Declaration of Independence "right of the people to alter or abolish government" t-shirt just for the Freepers.)

May 26 - Welcoming Palestinian President Abbas
(Abu Mazen) to White House

Members of DC Antiwar Network, ANSWER and Neturei Karta tell Bush to End Aid to Israel and remind Abbas to stand fast for Palestinian Rights at our regular Thursday noon White House protest.

Abbas doubtless saw two of us waving the Palestinian flag.

May 23 AIPAC Protest at DC Convention Center
About 75 peace, pro-Palestine, anti-Iran war and other protesters outside the DC Convention Center where American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) held its 2005 Conference.  Not only hundreds of pro-Israel attendees, but dozens of congressional representatives finally heard from people fed up with this abusive lobbying group.  See more photos and details at AIPAC Protest page.  Yes, Carol and DC Anti-War Network got this one going too!

We started on the north side of Massachusetts Avenue in front of Convention Center until -- oops! The cops just remembered it's Mount Vernon place, so our permit for Mass Ave no good! Oh, and it's private property anyway! Gee, they can't seem to remember all that when you go down to get your permits, can they??  At least they let us move to other side of street.

From Left Speakers:
Dr. E. Faye Williams, Board of Directors of the Council for the National Interest
Huwaida Arraf, Co-founder of International Solidarity Movement
Ross Pourzal, Alliance of Progressive Iranians

Rabbi Weiss from Neturei Karta and Sarah Powell from
International Answer joined the speakout.

That's "Bush Sith" held at right.

May 21-22 - DC Antiwar Network Retreat to the Wilds of Western Maryland
(Two days of eating, drinking and burning yard trash to advance peace and understanding.)

Sports at dusk under an almost full moon.

Giving that lazy fire a little cocktail boost.

Throwing another wall on the barbie.

Last call ... and the morning after, as trash smolders.

Carol and the dog house which was spared the same fate. 

May 14 - Free Muslims March Against Terrorism

A couple of us went to check out the crowd and speakers to see if they really supportered freedom and democracy or if it was totally a neoconservative front group.  The tiny crowd mostly made up of speakers, their families and the media.  Some obviously sincere, some obviously neocon dupes.

Kani Xulan of American Kurdish Information Network, an anti-war activist, shocked the "Free Muslims" organizers by calling for the U.S. getting out of Iraq as the best way to end terrorism there.

Ross Pourzal of Alliance of Progressive Iranians in hat, behind one of the worlds richest Iranians - allegedly a monarchist -- in suit.

April 22 - Protest Against IMF/World Bank, Wolfowitz and War
Mobilization for Global Justice has reverted back to nonviolence and barely talks about "diversity of tactics" any more. Yeah!  (See The Return of Street Fighting Man)

Wolfowitz and other IMF/World Bank blood suckers

Mixed Messages.

DC Antiwar Network (DAWN) discussion group.

DAWN trouble makers Midge, Jose and David.

April 15 - War Tax Resisters at IRS Headquarters
Sponsored by Washington DC Area War Tax Resisters

Peace and human needs groups receive contributions of RESISTED tax money.

29 year war tax resister still at it...

March 17 - Support for a Soldier's Right to Conscience/Recruiting Station Action
Organized by Iraq Pledge of Resistance
Note: Misjudged resolution first time using new camera so poor photos.

About 50 people showed at Lafayette Park to sign a statement supporting right of conscientious objection to war.  We left it at the gate because the White House only accepts public packages from the postal service.

Another protest earlier that day...

Fifty of us marched up to the US Army Recruiting station on L between 13th and 14th Street.  Several police guarded the door so we could not get in.  But they did not stop us from taping signs and yellow ribbons with the names of dead US soldiers from Iraq.  An excellent protest idea recommended to groups nation wide!

February 9 - Anti-Torture Demonstration at Supreme Court
DC Anti-War Network protesting Alberto Gonzales becoming Attorney General

Three activists were arrested for standing on steps and refusing to move.

Carol's first bright idea of the year.
Ad hoc group of 50 protesters marched a merry march!

At American Enterprise Institute and Project for a New American Century

At Washington Institute for Near East Policy - Carol with bomb
More details at Non-Interventon.Net

January 20 - Protesting Inauguration of George Bush

DC Antiwar Network Morning Rally at Malcolm X.
Crowd of several thousand listens to a variety of inspiring speakers.

Lying to the America people to bring us into an illegal war and illegally authorizing torture.
Hmmm, sounds like grounds for impeachment, prosecution and imprisonment to me!

McPherson Square Speak Out gets more controversial speakers --
they even let ME up there!  (I sold lots of anti-Bush buttons.)

People expressing themselves.

Four hour "Die-In" just 200 feet from Bush's reviewing stand.
Since the street already blocked off they didn't arrest anyone this time.
+ + + + + + +
News Photos Show Big Crowds Elsewhere Closer to the Parade

Note how similar right hand photo is to one taken at 2001 Bush Inauguration

Ain't Street Theater Wonderful??
+ + + + + + +
This Guys Photos are Great! Check 'em out

+ + + + + + +
TV Coverage Emphasized Violence, Of Course

Despite the 20,000 plus peaceful protesters, those who popped the fence, tustled with cops and got sprayed with tear gas became the "symbol" of the protest -- the only footage shown on several television stations the day after the protest. Just like the flying anarchist of 2001 Inauguration.

Cops freaked out by the crush of people -- and those scary men in black doing things like burning card board coffins -- got rough with protesters.  (Cops' sticks circled.) (See more photos of similar past protests in article The Return of Street Fighting Man and at DC4PEACE page.)
+ + + + + + +
DC Antiwar Network Malcolm X protest attracted at least 5,000.
March down 16th street included sit-in with coffins.

January 12 - Counter-Inaugural Press Conference
Unless otherwise indicated, photos copyright Carol Moore 2005.  Photos may be used only with permission.