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See 2001-2005 and other past photos here or my blog CAROLMOOREREPORT
Photos of just a small percentage of DC protests; most recent on top.   More photos at StoptheWarNow.Net.  Carol Moore photos unless otherwise noted.   
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December 23 Inter-Religious March to White House to 
Protest Israeli Occupation of Bethlemen

More info see OpenBethlehem.Org Photos from YellowCakeWalk.Net/2006-12-24/

December 16 DC 9-11 Truth "Boston Tea Party" Style Shredding of Official 9-11 Report
What fun!  See video where 9-11 author and expert Webster Tarpley speaks.

December 8 Rally at Brookings' Saban Institute
To protest Hillary and Bill Clinton speaking at a private conference with pro-ethnical cleansing Israeli Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Pro-Jimmy Carter chants prominently featured. See video.

December 2 End Israeli Siege of Gaza Rally
A broad coalition of group protests against Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing.  See video.

November 13  Protest of Israel Leader Visit to White House
Mahdi Bray of Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation does civil disobedience to protest Israel's oppression and killing of Palestinians in Gaza during Israeli Premier Olmert's visit with George Bush
See my video.

November 9  After Peaceniks Helped Drive the Warmongers from Congress...
We Had a "Don't Attack Iran - Impeach Bush" Protest at White House
Cindy Sheehan, David Swanson, Ann Wright and Rev. Yearwood - with couple dozen supporters - deliver Don't Attack Iran petitions to White House. See video fun as Cindy throws the refused petitions  over the fence, others follow, and police come out on horseback. Ray McGovern speaks below.

November 7 Election Day 2006 Peaceniks Protest at White House,
Celebrate Defeat of Warmongers
See Carol's first music video written for an occassion.

November 6  Gold Star Families for Peace at White House
Counting dead American soldiers, protesting deaths of Iraqis.  See video.

October 28 "United We Suck" Halloween Protest at White House
Just for fun -- and the hundreds of tourists get good photos to take home!
See the video too!

October 17 Civil Disobedience vs. Military Commissions Act 2006
Which legalizes torture and removes basic "habeas corpus" rights even from citizens.

Sponsored by The Washington Region Religious Campaign Against Torture (WRRCAT)

October 5 World Can't Wait - Drive Out Bush Regime Rally
  About 500 showed up throughout the afternoon to tell Bush where to go.

Laurel Jensen photographs.

September 27 House Protest and Civil Disobedience
  About a dozen peace activists were arrested for a "die in" blocking the entrance to the Rayburn House office building. 
See the video.

Sponsored by Declaration of Peace

September 26 Senate Protest and Civil Disobedience
After religious service a dozen or so peace activists were arrested in front of the Capitol building, dozens more later near Senate office buildings.  See the video.

Carol and "death" tweak the conscience of Congress

The Peace Train

Gandhi was there, and not just in spirit!
Sponsored by
National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance
September 5-21 Camp Democracy
Lots of photos of the Camp, Speakers, Participating Groups, Activities, Activists here
See the Bush Chain Gang play with Diet Cokes and Mentos at Camp Democracy video

August 30 - DC Antiwar Network Protests Washington Post War Profiteering
More than a dozen of us showed to protest our discontent.  But we really need a full Gandhian campaign against all the media's war profiteering, not to mention their pro-Israel and anti-Arab and Muslim bias.  See my August 30 video at YouTube.Com

A Washington Post Lockheed Martin advertisement.  One Post employee joked: "We're making too much money to refuse their advertising."

Delivering our demands to the Post.

My sign... My chest...TAKE THAT Dana Milbank... (Post Reporter vs. our right to fight)

August 28 - Profs. Walt and Mearsheimer with CAIR
Professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer authors of "Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy" speak for Council on Amerian-Islamic Relations at National Press Club. See my blog report and link to video and the infamous button mentioned twice in the Washington Post. At right the professors with Eugene Bird of the Council for the National Interest.  
See my August 28 video at YouTube.Com. Search YouTube for full CSPAN coverage someone put up.

August 13 - Fasting for a Ceasefire
Mubarak Awad and Mohammed Abu-Nimer of Nonviolence International fasted until the August 14 Lebanon Cease Fire at the State Department and the White House.  They then started a fast against Israel's attacks against Palestinian civilians in Gaza.  Awad organized nonviolent resistance against the Israeli occupation of Palestine in the mid-1980s, leading to the first intifada.  Since he was an American citizen, Israel then expelled him.

August 12 - Stop U.S. Israeli War on Gaza/Lebanon Protest
Around 5,000 people, a majority Arabs and Muslims from around the country, protested.

Photos of death and destruction
in Lebanon.

Two countries under attack now; another on the list to be attacked.

Hard core activists and activist vendors mix it up.

August 9 - US Nuke Policy Forum at Congress
I had been wanting to have a forum to show some scary nuke war video (from "The Day After" and get the press's attention.  Ended up getting two Hiroshima-Nagasaki survivors, a couple of nulcear experts and an Iranian woman to speak - in the House Foreign Policy Committee's room, with CPSAN in attendance.  They played it twice that night.  Hope it awakened a few people who needed to be awakened!  

July 31 - Protest and Civil Disobedience at State Department vs.
Israeli Invasion of Lebanon
See my July 31 video at YouTube.Com

Ann Wright in pink used to work there and is giving them hell.

Four activists refuse to move from driveway and are taken away.

Carol finds a big board in Natl. Press Club trash and
decorates it with hard hitting messages.

July 28 - Protesting Bush's Poodle Tony Blair at White House
(Complete with pink poodle made of balloons.  See TroopsHomeFast.Com)
See my July 28 video at YouTube.Com

Troops Home Fasters planning the protest.

Blair had to drive by us (see video) and listen to us while inside.

July 25 - Funeral March for Lebanese, Protest at Israeli Embassy
See my July 25 video at YouTube.Com, including funeral procession not shown here.

Carol and a couple of her peacenik buddies.

At the Israeli Embassy.  See the video!

July 25 - Planning for September CampDemocracy.Org

The slogan on its web page?
"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." - The Declaration of Independence

July 23 - Protest Against UN Ambassador John Bolton at FOX News
20 odd activists, including returnees from Israeli-beseiged Lebanon, protest
US support for Israeli aggression on Gaza and Lebanon.
See my July 23 video at YouTube.Com 

We missed Bolton, but saw Speaker of House Dennis Hastert and
former House Speaker Newt Gingrich who waves.  Gingrich supports an immediate military attack on Iran.

July 18 - DC Antiwar Network Protest vs. Christians United for Israel (CUFI)
These people support Israeli expansionism and aggression because they believe it will bring Armageddon and return of Jesus.  They represent and are trying to organize tens of millions of Christian fundamentalist extremists.  A dozen of us gave them "hell," opposing their drive to Armageddon - and their belief that Jesus will kill all the Jews who do NOT convert.
See my July 18 video at YouTube.Com 
See details about CUFI here.

Photo at right courtesy Eric Anderson

July 18 - White House Protest of Israeli Aggression in Gaza and Lebanon
Several hundred attended; organized by Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and other groups
See my July 18 video at YouTube.Com

Only by taking on the Neocon/Israel War Lobbies can we stop the drive towards world nuke war.

Two photos above courtesy Eric Anderson

July 11 - Anti-Torture Protest During William J. Haynes Hearing
About 30 of us protested Haynes, a former Pentagon General Counsel up for U.S. Court of Appeals who actually recommended using torture on prisoners! See Alliance for Justice PDF Report
See my video of torture street theater at YouTube.Com

July 8 - Day 5 of Troops Home Fast
Gathering to share experiences, talk to tourists, do yoga, before demonstrating.
Carol also had made it to day five in her own fast.

July 6 - Protest at Israeli Embassy over Israel Assaults on Palestinians In Gaza
Muslin American Society leader Mahdi Bray and local DC Reverand Grayland Hagler were blunt but eloquent speaking before 50 odd activists.
See my video at YouTube.Com

Madhi Bray second from left, Reverand Hagler third.

Israeli Embassy in background. Organizers asked this angry protester to remove his "prop."

July 5 - US Senate Candidate Kevin Zeese Speaks
Introduced by Ralph Nader, and followed by Green Candidate Michael Berg (father of Nick Berg, murdered by Zarqawi) and Linda Shade of VotersforPeace.US Zeese heavily criticized the "hard right" Israel Lobby.
See my video at YouTube.Com

July 4 - Troops Home Fast and the "Smoke-In" Share Lafayette Park
Several hundred fasters march from Lafayette to the 4th of July Parade; 50 odd hempsters celebrate their favorite herb

Two of three helicopters approaching White House; the one carrying King George finally broke off and landed.  As one person said that means you need THREE ba... Oh, never mind....

In the spirit of Both protests.

See my video of Uncle Sam with a big spliff at YouTube.Com

The cops always have to get in there...:-(

July 3 - Troops Home Fast at Gandhi Statue
The Grannies Peace Brigade lead peace activists, Vietnam and Iraq veterans and familes to the Gandhi statute at the begnning of a Troops Home Fast by thousands of activists around the country.
See my video at YouTube.Com

Carol Moore and Cindy Sheehan (with poster
about Rachel Corrie who was killed by an Israeli tank in 2003);
local activist Jose Rodriguez in his "Nuclear Death" costume,
a wire service photo of which made DrudgeReport.Com that day
Both photos by JoFreeman.Com

June 22 - Protest at John Negroponte's House
Negroponte, who as a US Ambassador encouraged death squads in Central America during the 1980s, is now US Director of National Intelligence.  After an earlier protest where silent vigilers were harassed by cops, protesters complained to ACLU and then came back noisy.  One speaker was a torture survivor from El Salvador.  See my video at YouTube.Com also at DCIndymedia.

See other photos and my video version at

June 14 - Flag Day Protest vs. 2500 Americans Dead in Iraq
Guess who brought the desecrated flags... Photos JoFreeman.Com

June 6, 2006 - "666" - No Armageddon for Bush Rally
See lots more photos and video of Exorcism at

More than 50 activists and tourists joined it -- but Satan not easily exorcised!
Photo at right JoFreeman.Com

photo collage of speakers by anonymous photographer

June 3-4 35th Anniversary of 24 Hour "Peace Park" Vigil
Thomas, Ellen, Concepcion and others have been at Lafayette Park outside the White House spreading the message of peace to the President and tens of thousands of visitors a year

Colman McCarthy congratulates Thomas; Ellen Thomas video tapes the Tingling-Clemons.

People stayed all night to celebrate and share memories

May 25 - Protesting Tony Blair Visit to White House

Protesting can be SUCH fun!

May 18 - Delivery of "Don't Attack Iran" petition to Bush and March to
Rumsfeld's House with Civil Disobedience

Ray McGovern rallies audience.

Cindy Sheehan delivers petitions.

Waiting for petitions to be accepted.

Marching to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's House

Medea Benjamin, Ray McGovern, Cindy Sheehan and David Swanson

A couple dozen of us demonstrated while cops ignore protesters trying to get arrested

Finally after four activists jump through the bushes on to the property, there are arrests.

May 13-15 - Mothers Say No To War

May 6 - Protesting Armed Services "Public Service Day"
where weapons are promoted to children

Kids play with weapons...

While protesters remind their parents weapons are not games or toys...

And this protester is always out on the mall, getting the word out...

APRIL 24 DC AntiwarNetwork Forum
“Is the Israel Lobby Promoting War on Iran? Can the ‘Harvard Paper’ Stop a War?”
which I helped organize.  See Report.

April 17 - Tax Day Protest
DC Area War Tax Resisters

March 20 - March to Pentagon to Protest 3rd Anniversary Iraq War
(There was a big march 18 protest too but I forgot my camera)

Rendez-vous near Jefferson Memorial. Cindy Sheehan and Peter Berg both lost children.

Marching to the Pentagon

Several dozen jumped the Pentagon fence and were arrested by waiting officers.

March 11 - Protest of Gridiron Dinner where Bush and Media Mock Each Other
(About 50 of us protested)
Costumes express these protesters disgust.  
At left, Kevin Zeese, running as an independent candidate for Senator from Maryland. 
Pro-impeachment trailer says it all!

When the Free Republic counter-protester at right brought this sign, I replied by chanting through bull horn: "Thanks for reminding us that Bush doesn't understand that bombing Iran will lead to nuclear war and nuke war will destroy our national security!" He quickly put away his sign...

March 6 -  Protest at AIPAC Annual Conference
(For more info/photos of this and other AIPAC protests)

We used AIPAC's "NOW is the Time" slogan to loudly demand
"Now is the time" to: end the occupation, get rid of Israeli nukes, allow right of right, etc.


Some of the 30 protesters who showed.
Bottom photo from

February 14 - Valentine's Day "Raging Grannies" Civil Disobedience


Five older women were arrested.
Photos copyright Carol Moore 2006.  Higher quality versions available.