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See 2001-2006 and other past photos here or my blog CAROLMOOREREPORT
Photos of just a small percentage of DC protests; most recent on top.   More photos at StoptheWarNow.Net.  Carol Moore photos unless otherwise noted.  
 Buttons and t-shirts at

October 31, 2007 "Pauloween" Halloween Fundraiser for Ron Paul in Georgetown

Carol as a "Fool for Liberty" and Costume Winners with Prize - George Bush Toilet Paper Roll!
Oh, those wacky libertarians!!

September 15, 2007 White House Protest vs. Iraq War

June 10-11, 2007  "
The World Says No to Israeli Occupation!" Mobilization in Washington, DC
A couple thousand activists from around the nation came to protest the 40th anniversary of Israel's illegal military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip
. A first step toward achieving the right of return of Palestinians to their confiscated villages, towns and homes.
Organized by EndTheOccupation.Org 
 See my photo montage and video.

Rachel Corrie's mother and father in center.  She was killed by an Israeli bull dozer while nonviolently protecting a Palestinian home from unjust and illegal demolition.

My grandmotherly gallbladder was acting up so I couldn't make either event.  But see some great photos and video here at military show and here at the White House with the children's march, including the below and then here for the Mother of A March and C.D. the next day.

APRIL 28, 2007 - Spelling Out Impeach on the Mall
About 75 of us made it happen as part of national day of actions.
Bush must be getting nervous! See My Video and Impeach07.Org

Photo by JoFreeman.Com

APRIL 25 & 26, 2007 - Protesting War at House and Senate
Including Carol's first arrest caught on the end of my video and quoting Declaration of Independence at very end of this video!

Weds. 25th: Code Pinkers invade the cafeteria and plot strategy for protesting the hearing with General Petraeus.  See the videos to see what happened.  Hint, they done run us off, but he didn't need his gun.

Thurs. 26th:  About 50 activists wander the Senate Hart Office Building Atrium singing, chanting, hanging banners - with eventually 14 getting arrested.

Three story banners unfurled to loud chants of IMPEACH! IMPEACH!

Iraq Vet arrested for doing a mock funeral.

And I got arrested for trying to yell for my video audience
what I've written on that flag. Four hours later outside police station. See the videos!

APRIL 25, 2007 - Rep. Kucinich Submits Articles of Impeachment
on Dick Cheney -- for Starters  See Impeach07.Org  See video

Kucinich and Daniel Ellsberg

Grassroots activist Linda Boyd and Gold Star Mother Cindy Sheehan

Salt Lake City Mayor RockyAnderson and protester with cool t-shirt

Cindy Sheehan and Kevin Zeese; famous IMPEACH photo, spelled out in bodies

APRIL 16, 2007 - Code Pink Joins War Tax Resisters at IRS HQ - See Video

And Carol gets another evidence photo of her 30 years of war tax resistance

APRIL 14 "Step It Up" Anti-Global Warning Photo Op
An overhead shot spelling out a reduce carbon emissions message

Bush/Satan Meets Code Pink (See the video.)

March 30, 2007 We the People "Right to Petition" Vigil
Dozens of "V for Vendetta" characters came to say "Obey the Constitution or Else"
 (However they were not ready to have MY sign as part of their protest - Next year?)
See my VERY cool video with controversial background music.

Carol's ad hoc outfit and sign...
Right now "We the People" are Constitutionalists --
At some point they may become Declarationists, working for the
right to ALTER or ABOLISH government...
Photo above only courtesy of IsisImagery.Com

A variety of "Vs"....

March 19, 2007 Anti-war Iraq Veterans Reenact
Occupation at Washington DC Landmarks
See this and other photos here.

March 17, 2007 4th Anniversary March on Pentagon Against Iraq War
Ten thousand plus people marched from Lincoln Memorial to Pentagon on St. Patrick's Day.
(Top three photos others'.)

More photos of black bloc machos with sheilds used to provoke police
and macho police just itching to be provoked at

Photos from 23rd and Constitution Avenue.

March 12, 2007 "Congress, Stand Up to AIPAC" Protest
Seventy people protest American Israel Political Affairs committee undue influence on U.S. Congress and promotion of wars vs. Palestinians, Iraq and Iran. See video1 and video 2.

After harassing protesters taking photos close to their faces, this AIPACer put a chokehold on a woman who objected and both ended up getting arrested. Charges quickly were dropped.

January 27 U.S. Out of Iraq (Don't Bomb Iran) Rally
My quesstimate 150-200,000 showed. Think Congress got ANY of these messages??
See my video.

Flags vs. "9/11 - False Flag operation?"

I was there, selling those buttons that get the word out for YEARS!

January 4, 2007 Anti-War/Impeach Bush Protest at Congress
See video of Cindy Sheehan's rousing speech, the day after she protested Raum Emanuel and Charles Schumer taking credit for the Democratic win in November.
Both are pro-war Israel supporters.

Ray McGovern and Kevin Zeese

January 2 Memorial to 3000 American Dead in Iraq
At Memorial Bridge Circle near Arlington Cemetary

One lonely "Freeper" counterprotests at right.
(He used to protest WITH us against
Clinton's bombing attacks on Iraq and Serbia.)