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January 26, 1998
Clinton Investigative Commission does one of the first Impeachment demonstrations
calling for impeaching President Clinton.
They used to reside at

March 19, 1998
Clinton Investigative Commission demonstration on Saint Patricks day
assails President Clinton for embarrassing the Irish and includes
St. Patrick driving the snakes out of the White House.
(As well as two masked Clinton impersonators!)

October 31, 1998

Over 2,500 people gathered on the mall, west of the Washington Monument,
to call for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

Bill and Hillary may yet pay for their crimes.

Left: Representative Bob Barr who first called for impeachment of Clinton.
Center: L.D. Brown, former Clinton chief security aid who now exposes Clinton's corruption.
Right: Lucianne Goldberg who encouraged Linda Tripp to tape
Clinton's co-conspirator to perjury, Monica Lewinsky.

"It's the Perjury, Stupid" reads "Chicken Willie's" sign.
The one below also speaks for itself.

The "Committee for Waco Justice" shows up again to remind the crowd
of Clinton's greatest crime--the murder of 82 Branch Davidians at Waco.

An interesting self-assessment by some freedom fighters...

December 5, 1998

Around 300 people gathered on the west steps of the Capitol building
to call for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

Ron Crickenberger, Political Director of the National Libertarian Party
calls for Impeachment, per the July, 1998 resolution of party members.
He asserted Clinton should be impeached for his many violations of the Constitution and
the Bill of Rights, not just for his criminal perjuries.  He mentioned that one reason
Clinton should be impeached is his signing
into law a bill forbidding the District of Columbia Board of Elections
from counting the number of votes received by Initiative 59, that would
legalize medical marijuana.  Polls show the initiative, supported by all major
Mayoral candidates, won overwhelmingly.  The matter is now before the courts.

One man expresses his view about the reason
Clinton should be impressed.  If only the feminist
movement "got it"!!

Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch talks about his organizations'
efforts to seek the truth about Clinton's obtaining almost
a thousand FBI files illegally.

Representative Bob Barr, who has led the impeachment movement
for more than a year, rallies the crowd to keep working.

Karen Szulgit was one of several D.C. Greens and supporters of Initiative 59
who threw a few catcalls Rep. Barr's way because they were outraged that he
introduced the resolution to cut off money (approximately $500) for
the vote count. So rally organizers gave her a chance to speak.  However,
thinking she was just a pro-Clinton counter-protester, the crowd hissed and booed.
So few heard her call for impeaching Clinton for voting for the undemocratic law.
Rep. Barr is in the far left of the photo.
It is unknown if the man holding the "Barr for King" sign was friend or foe.

D.C. Greens pose for the camera.

Another reason to impeach the bum...

One man expresses his opinion...

And this is the man's house...
(Sign in window reads: IMPEACH NOW)

December 7, 1998

Impeachment Rally at Lafayette Park,
North of the White House.  Libertarian Party
National Director Steve Dasbach addresses the crowd.

December 8, 1998
Seen at the House Impeachment Hearings...
leftist film maker Michael Moore who has been making
a (probably amusing but probably pro-Clinton) television show
about the impeachment...before taking this photo, this web page's author Carol Moore
called out "Impeach Michael Moore" while he was being filmed for his tv show--
to which he replied, "I haven't been elected to anything yet."
(Actually, he is a former Flint, Michigan council person.)

December 19, 1998

President Bill Clinton began the bombing of Iraq
December 16, the day before the House of Representatives
was to vote on his impeachment.
For the next five days there were daily demonstrations
by peace activists at the White House
until Clinton stopped the bombing.

It's not quite clear what the fellow below
was protesting at the White House, but he was colorful!

On Saturday, December 19th, as the House of
Representatives was voting to impeach Clinton,
Iraq anti-war protesters joined with Free Leonard Peltier
protesters to march from the FBI building to the White House.

Protesting for peace at the north side of the White House -- even as Clinton and his Congressional
Democratic Party cronies held a rally for the Impeached President
on the south lawn of the building.

One man expresses his opinion of the larger meaning of Impeachment.

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