Meanwhile, back in the jungle of internet hatred for women....

If you got here you probably came from the woman hating  "NotCarolMoore"  blog probably created by one of the two Johns pictured above, suspected of being the anonymous blogger  "Thomas Rowley,"  creator of the  "Vermont Secession"  blog. The blog is anti-secession and also expends special ire on this uppity female.

J.D. Ryan, whose writing style greatly resembles the referring blog, denies flat out he's Rowley. He emphasizes that he himself doesn't have to worry about losing his job.

John Odum does have to worry about losing his political consultant jobs, any current job, his Huffington Post blog and his feminist wife Carey Brown. He has not denied that he is the creator of the either blog. He just calls allegations he's the author of Rowley's blog a  "weird theory."  
Not a very convincing denial. And he has not explained why  "VermontSecession's"  profile page formerly listed Odum as a contributor. When he first was accused of being linked to Rowley, he quit blogging for a time to protect his source of income.
But if I used to work for Bernie Sanders and my wife was on the Vermont Commission on Women, I would want to hide my bigoted identity too...

I blogged about this in 2008, updated 2011.

2012 update: The whole "VermontSecession" blog also seems to be the kind of disinformation campaign waged against journalists like
those at USA Today (see article).