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Chronology from September, 2002 "Anti-Globalization" Protests 
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(photos presented for noncommercial educational purposes only)

Washington D.C. "People's Strike" September 27, 2002 Washington
     Three thousand cops kept a few hundred street fighters' "violence" down to a couple broken windows, a fight over flag burning and a smoke bomb--and no assaults on police themselves. (Though the cops assaulted a few protesters.) Cops alleged some protesters had explosive devices, but time will tell if their accusations pan out.  Cops surrounded and arrested 600 people, most of them not street fighters -- they know how to avoid arrest.  Sreet fighters crowed that their tactics had radicalized these mostly clueless individuals who had no idea what destruction street fighters would have wrought if there hadn't been a massive police presence.

Mexico City, Mid-July 2002
Mexican peasants angry that the Mexican government intended to take their private property to build an airport outside of  Mexico City, and furious that some were being indicted for murders they blamed on right-wing paramilitary groups, rioted with machetes, burned police cars and took hostages until the Mexican government backed down.  Street fighters cheered this "win" despite the private property aspect.

May Day, 2002  -  Same Old Same Old

Anarchists Battle White Power Nazis, York, Pennsylvania, January 12, 2002

November 16-19, 2001 Ottawa, Canada Protest vs. IMF/World Bank

Photos of the Expecially Violent Genoa Protests in July, 2001 are on the Main Page

July 2, 2001  La Paz, Bolivia Small Debtors Protest
  Small debtors demanding debt relief took hostages in three public buildings, took hostages who they tied up with dynamite sticks, poured gasoline around the buildings and carried Molotov cocktails (fire bombs) and homemade bombs. US street fighters later organized protests in solidarity with those hostage takers later taken prisoner.

June 15-16, 2001 Gothenburg (aka Goteborg), Sweden Protests vs. European Union Meetings

As usual, it starts with busting up McDonalds and other shops.  Protester loots a rug, probably to burn it.

Then it moves on to smashing police cars and burning barricades/trash/looted objects in the street.

Next they rip up cobblestones and heave them at the police.
At least there were no Molotov cocktails this time!!

Protesters clash with police.

Cops allege they shot three protesters because they were attacking a police officer who was down; of course, they may just have been in the area of those attacking the officer.

April 20-21, 2001 Quebec City Protests vs. the Summit of the Americas

Destroying fences to get to conference attendees and cops.

Fighting with cops; getting ready to throw barricade at cops.

Lighting Molotov cocktails (fire bomb); Molotov explodes near cops; protester runs throuh dropped Molotov.
One protester alleges dozens were thrown.

Smashing cars and partying into the night

January 20, 2001 -  Washington DC Protests vs. Inauguration of George W. Bush

This DC demo was relatively tame; a few protesters tore down military flags,
jumped over police and threw a barrel, probably at an officer.

December 7, 2000 Nice Protests vs. European Union Meetings

 Street fighters at the Europe Union meetings in Nice start fires (some burned down a bank), break windows and shove their sheilds into the faces of police.

October 17, 2000 Kentucky Protest v. Presidential Debates

Street fighters showed up at all three Presidential Debates. Protesters use sheilds and gas masks.

 September 26, 2000 Prague, Czech Republic Protests vs. IMF/World Bank

Street fighters stormed MacDonalds and provoked and threw Molotov Cocktails at Police.

August 2, 2000 Philadelphia Protest vs. Republican National Convention

 Several hundred protesters against Republican Convention attack police cars.  Several police officers sustained serious injuries. One knocked down and kicked by protesters drew a gun but was stopped from firing it by another officer.

June 16, 2000  Queens Park, Canada Protest vs. Poverty

Protesters fight with police; someone threw a Molotov Cocktail inside the foyer of Parliament.

May 1, 2000 "May Day" Protests in Zurich & Berlin

April 16, 2000 Washington DC Protest vs. IMF/World Bank
(Circa 2005, DC Police are STILL mad at any one looking even remotely "black bloc.")
See photos of more pleasant aspects

The Black Bloc battles police at 14th Street

Woman "defends" other activists from cop.  Others fight with cop after the fence attack.

 Police Vehicles Trashed April 16th.

See more photos from video of property destruction and fighting with police at DC for Peace

November 30, 2000 Seattle Protest vs. World Trade Organization
Street fighters came prepared to trash and the police attacks on nonviolent protesters gave them an excuse to do it.