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Below are just a few of the hundreds of photos taken of the almost two dozen different demonstrations, memorials and appearances members of the Committee for Waco Justice made around D.C. from 1994 - 2003.

4-19-03 Tenth Anniversary of FBI Attack on Davidians A Couple of Us Protest and Leaflet at FBI

4-19-01 8th Anniversary of FBI attack on the Davidians
that killed 76 Davidians.
Memorial on the Ellipse, South of the White House.

2-28-01 8th Anniversary of BATF attack on the Davidians
that killed six Davidians and four federal agents.
Committee for Waco Justice members ask President Bush to
Pardon the Seven Davidian Prisoners.

12-15-00 -- Libertarians and Committee for Waco Justice protest against FBI Agents protesting the possbile pardon of Leonard Peltier.  Photo at Left--17th & Penn as FBI Agents Round the Corner

1939-2000                          1955-2000
Committed members of the
Committee for Waco Justice

4-19-00 -- Vigil at the Supreme Court for Davidian appeals upcoming April 24, 2000

2-29-00 -- Waco Protesters Join Hundreds of Anti-Death Penalty, Freedom
For Mumia Abu Jamal Protesters at Supreme Court.

4-18-99 -- Vigil on Ellipse south of the White House on sixth anniversary
of the April 19, 1993 FBI attack on Mount Carmel that led to the deaths of 76 people.
(Photo missing)

2-28-99  -- Vigil at White House on sixth anniversary
of brutal BATF attack on Branch Davidians.

4-19-98 -- Memorial at Ellipse, south of the White House.

2-27-98 -- On a Friday, ten protesters showed up at the Washington Post and BATF
headquarters in Washington, D.C. to raise some consciousness that these crimes have not been
forgotten by the American people. (The BATF photographs were of too low a quality to display.)

1-27-98 -- Members of the D.C. Committee for Waco Justice demonstrate
at the U.S. Court House where Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's
Grand Jury was interviewing President Clinton's secretary.
The theme was Impeach Clinton for Waco Massacre.

For evidence of Clinton's obstruction of justice in the Waco massacre, click here.

Below. Members of the Committee for Waco Justice then
demonstrated a few blocks away at the Bureau of Prisons to protest
physical abuse of Davidian Prisoner Livingstone Fagan at USP Leavenworth.

We also demonstrated at Congress and distributed our press release.

After above demos, we joined an Impeach Clinton Demo at the White House.
For photos of  several "Impeach Clinton for Waco --
Stop Abusing Davidian Prisoners" demonstrations click here.

4-19-97 -- Demonstration in Lafayette Park, north of the White House.
(The memorial at the Ellipse, south of the White House was held on April 13.)

4-18-97 -- Memorial at the Capitol Building

9-4-96 -- At liberty-oriented rally on the mall near the Capitol.

4-19-96 -- Press Conference at FBI Building

2-28-96 -- Demonstration at Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Headquarters

Carol Moore and Dave Varney outside the October, 1995 Senate Waco hearings.
Film "Waco: the Rules of Engagement" shows Moore sitting in the hearings in the shirt.

Davidian survivors attend the July, 1995 House Waco hearings after attending a press conference
initiated by the Committee for Waco Justice.

July 1995 at Congress -- Carol Moore with former BATF Director Steven Higgins.
On a cable TV show two months earlier she got him to admit that if BATF agents
had shot from helicopters and killed Davidians, they should be prosecuted for murder.
Photo taken by a Davidian right after Higgins said he would allow the
photo even though Moore was wearing a "Free the Branch Davidians" T-shirt.

Photo of the whole t-shirt in a 1996 photo of Carol Moore
with 1996 Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Harry Browne

1995 and 1996 Newspaper Advertisements placed by the Committee

6-16-95 -- Demonstration at Attorney General Janet Reno's office on the first anniversary of the
sentencing of eight Davidian prisoners.

6-4-95 -- Carol Moore speaks with Committee members in background at
a freedom rally televised on C-SPAN.

4-19-95 -- Demonstration at F.B.I. Headquarters

4-19-94 --Demonstration at F.B.I. Headquarters.

4-19-94 -- Evening demonstration at the White House drew around 40 people.

2-29-94 -- Evening demonstration at White House drew around drew around 40 people

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