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FEBRUARY 28, 1993

"Lynch" is a Lieutenant  in the Waco Sheriff's Department.
"Martin" is Wayne Martin, an attorney and Davidian, calling from Mount Carmel one minute after the gunfire begins.
"Koresh" is  David Koresh.

9:48 a.m.
Female Dispatcher:  9-1-1.  What's your emergency?
Martin:  There are 75 men around our building shooting at us.
Dispatcher:  OK.  Just a moment.
Lynch:  Hello. Hello. This is Lt. Lynch. May I help you?
Martin:  Hello!
Lynch:  Yeah. This is Lt. Lynch.  May I help you?
Martin:  Yeah. There about 75 men around our building and they're shooting at us at Mt.   Carmel.
Lynch:  Mt. Carmel?
Martin:  Yeah.  Tell them there are women and children in here and to call it off!
Lynch:  All right, all right. Hello?  I hear gunfire. [shots, rapid fire in background]  Oh, shit!  Hello? Who is this?  Hello.
Martin:  Call it off!
Lynch:  Who is this?  Hello?  Hello?  God almighty.  Hello? Who is this coming  from?
Dispatcher:  Wayne Martin?
Lynch:  Wayne Martin?  Hello?  Wayne!
Dispatcher: He said there were 75 men circling
Lynch:  More than that.
Dispatcher:  And they're shooting.
Lynch:  You can hear the gunfire. Hello, Wayne.  Is this Wayne Martin? Wayne? Hello.
Dispatcher:  Did he hang up?
Lynch:  No, he's on the line. I can hear the shots in the back.
Dispatcher:  They better get the kids out of there.
Lynch:  No, he's hollering there's kids in here and everything and we know that.
[They hear gunfire in the back ground and try to contact the ATF radio van, per previous instructions but there is no response.  Phone connection with Mount Carmel disconnects.  Lynch calls back.]

10:03 a.m.
[sound of phone ringing in headset]
Lynch:  Hello.
[answering machine recording] Hello.  I'm not in right now, so please leave your name . . .
Lynch:  It's a recording.  It's a recording.
[recording] . . .telephone number and message after the beep. Thank you.
Dispatcher:  They hear your voice maybe.
Lynch:  Hello.  This is Lynch, sheriff's office.  This is Lt. Lynch of the sheriff's office.  Pick up the phone.  Lt. Lynch,  McLennan County Sheriff's Department.  Pick up the phone  please.  Someone pick up the phone.  This is Lynch, sheriff's  department.   Hello?  Someone there pick up the phone,  please?
Martin:  Hello.
Lynch:  Hello.  Who is this?  Is this Wayne?  Hello, this is Lynch, sheriff's office.
Martin:  Tell them to call . .
Lynch:  Wayne?
Martin:  Tell them to call it off!
Lynch:  Who is this, Wayne?
Martin:  Tell them to pull back!
Lynch:  What?
Martin:  Tell them to pull back!
Lynch:  Who is this, Wayne?
Martin:  It doesn't matter.
Lynch:  Listen, calm down and talk to me for a minute, ok? Who is this? Calm down and talk to me.  Who is this?
Martin:  Wayne.
Lynch:  Tell me what's happening, Wayne. This is Lynch at the sheriff's office.  Tell me what's happening, Wayne? Talk to me, Wayne. Let's get this thing resolved, Wayne.
Martin:  We got women and children in danger.
Lynch:  O.K., Wayne, are there weapons in there with you, Wayne? Talk to me, Wayne, let's take care of the women and children, Wayne.  Let's not do anything foolish we'll be sorry for. Talk to me, Wayne.  I can't help you if you won't talk to me, Wayne.
Martin:  Call it off!
Lynch:  O.K., Wayne, work with me. Come to the phone and talk to me, Wayne. And let's settle this now before anybody gets hurt.  Is anybody hurt in there, Wayne?
Martin:  Yeah.
Lynch:  Who's hurt?
Martin:  I don't know, man screaming.
Lynch:  What?
Martin:  A man is screaming.
Lynch:  Ok, Wayne, talk to me.  Let's get this worked out.  How many people are hurt, Wayne? [shooting in the background]
Martin:  I'm under fire.
Lynch:  O.K., Wayne, do you have weapons in there? Wayne, do you have weapons in there? Talk to me, Wayne, before this thing gets completely out of hand.  Wayne, Wayne. Talk to me.
Martin:  Tell them, cease fire!
Lynch:  Ok. You ceased fire.  Is that what you said, Wayne?
Maritn:  No!
Lynch:  Wayne, are there people injured in there?
Martin:  Yes.
Lynch:  Alright, Wayne, what we need you to do. What weapons do you have in there? You need to lay your weapons down and get some help for your people.
Martin:  We're under fire.
Lynch; O.K. I'm fixing to get in touch with them, Wayne.  Are you. We need you to lay your weapons down. Stand by while I make contact with the forces, O.K.?
Lynch:  Are you injured, Wayne?
Martin:  No. I'm under fire!
Lynch:  O.K.  I know you're under fire, but are you hurt?
Martin:  Not yet!
Lynch:  O.K..  Wayne.  Cease firing.  Do not fire anymore.  O.K.?  Wayne, talk to me.  Wayne, tell me how you are.
Martin:  I have a right to defend myself.  They started firing first.
Lynch:  O.K.  Let's resolve this, Wayne, before someone gets hurt.  O.K.?  I'm trying to make contact with the forces outside.  O.K.?
Martin:  O.K.!
Lynch:  I don't hear any gunfire, are you O.K.?
Martin:  So far. . .Someone is firing up there.
Luynch:  Pardon me.
Martin:  They're still attacking.
Lynch:  Alright.
Unidentified Davidian:  There's a chopper with more of them.
Lynch:  What!?
Davidian:  Another chopper with more people and more guns going off.  Here they come!
Lynch:  All right, Wayne, tell . . .
Davidian:  We're not firing.  That's not us, that's them.
Lynch:  Are you, are you ready to come out and give up?  Are you ready to terminate this, Wayne?
Martin:  We want to cease fire!  We'll stop when they stop firing.
Lynch:  Standby. [aside to someone]  "We need to try the radio van one more time on our frequency.
Lynch:  [more shooting]  Who's firing now?
Martin:  They are!
Lynch:  All right.  Standby.  I'm trying to reach them.  Stand.  Don't return fire, O.K.?
Davidian:  We haven't been.
Lynch:  What?
Davidian:  We haven't been.
Lynch:  O.K. . .Where are you Wayne?  In the, on the property.  So I can tell them.
Martin:  South wall.
Lynch:  What?
Martin:  South wall.
Lynch:  I can barely understand you.
Martin:  They got me.
Voices in background:  Here they come!  They coming.
Lynch:  O.K..  Are you returning fire, Wayne?
Martin:  No.
Lynch:  All right.   Why are they shooting, Wayne?
Martin:  Because that's them...
Lynch:  What?
Martin:  Oh, shit!
Lynch:  What's the matter?
Martin:  What do you think?  They're doing all this  firing at us right now.
Lynch:  [to a third person, probably ATF] . . . I have not, and, and, ah,  nobody's responding to the damn radio.  I've got, ah, I've got one man hurt inside here. I'm talking with Wayne now. He's inside. They want everybody to back off and talk.  I'm trying to get, ah, what radio frequency?  They told us your radio van, we're not getting a response." [goes back to Martin] Wayne?
Martin:  Right here.
Lynch:  O.K.  We're working on it, so just hang, hang loose.  Do not return fire, Wayne, O.K.?  Just kind of hold what you've got 'til we get this situation settled and your willing to talk to them?
Martin:  Yeah.
Lynch:  Will you visit with them?
Martin:  Yeah!
Lynch:  O.K. All right.  We'll get you someone to talk to here in just a second.
Martin:  Hello, Lynch?
Lynch:  Yeah.
Martin:  I gotta pass the word.
Lynch:  What?
Martin:  I have to pass the word.
Lynch:  O.K..  Start passing the word.  Tell them just to hold their fire.  [shooting in background] Tell them not to return fire.
Martin:  O.K.!
Lynch:  O.K.? Are you getting the word out?
 Martin:  I'm trying.
[A lot of commotion and cross talk.]
Martin:  If we hold fire you ask them to hold fire.
Lynch:  Wayne.
Martin:  I passed the word.
Lynch:  O.K.  Wayne.  How many casualties?  Tell me so I can help get some help to you when this thing calms down.
Martin:  I don't know yet.
Lynch:  Try to get me a head count, Wayne.  Work with me so we can get some help to people so they don't lay there without help.
Martin:  I'll do it right now.
Lynch:  O.K..  Thanks. [aside to dispatcher] I can't believe this!

10:34 a.m.
Dispatcher:  911.
Koresh:  Hello.
Dispatcher:  Yes.
Koresh:  This is David Koresh.  We're being . . .  Tough to call you guys.
Dispatcher:  This is who, sir?
Koresh:  David Koresh, Mt. Carmel Center. We're being shot all up out here. [sounds very calm]
Dispatcher:  O.K.  Where are you?
Koresh:  Where am I?  I'm at Mt. Carmel Center.
Dispatcher:  O.K.  Hang on just a second.
Koresh:  All right. [she tries to find Lynch]
Lynch:  Yeah.  This is Lynch.
Koresh:  Hey, Lynch?  That's a kind of funny name there.
Lynch:  Ha!  [surprised laugh]  Now who am I speaking with?
Koresh:  This is David Koresh.
Lynch:  O.K. David.
Koresh:  The notorious.  What'd you guys do that for?
Lynch:  What I'm doing is, I'm trying to establish some communications links with you.
Koresh:  No. No. No. No. No.  Let me tell you something.
Lynch:  Yes, sir.
Koresh:  You see, you brought a bunch of guys out here and you killed some of my children,  We told you we wanted to talk.  How come you guys try to be ATF agents?  How come you try to be so big all the time?
Lynch:  O.K.  David.
Koresh:  Now, there's a bunch of us dead.  There's a bunch of you guys dead.  Now, now, that's your fault.
Lynch:  O.K.  Let, let's try to resolve this now.  Tell me this, now, you have casualties.  How many casualties?  Do you want to try to work something out?  ATF is pulling back, we're trying to, ah . . .
Koresh:  Why didn't you do that first?
Lynch:  All I'm, all I'm doing is handling communications.  I can't give you that answer David.
Koresh:  O.K.
Lynch:  O.K.
Koresh:  What is the deal?  You pull your guys out...
Lynch:  I couldn't hear you. I've got Wayne on the other phone.
Koresh:  Wayne Martin?
Lynch:  Yes, he's on the other phone with me. I've been talking to him but you're the man I need to talk to, David.
Koresh:  Well, let me tell you something.  In our great country here the United States, you know God's given us a rich history of patronage, but we're not trying to be the bad guys.
Lynch:  O.K..
Koresh:  The thing of it is, is this.  Look at the. . . I know it sounds crazy to you but . . .
Lynch:  No, no.
Koresh:  . . . you're gonna find out sooner or later.
Lynch:  Sure.  We all . .
Koresh:  There are seven seals.  The thing that theology has overstepped...not even opened the book.  Now that's what I've done. Now, there's some things in that Bible that have been held as mysteries about Christ.
Lynch:  Yes, sir.
Koresh:  Now, when I'm told by the Theological Department that they are going to ruin me because of what I present out of the book just because they can't present it, and I can, there's a meaning to that.
Lynch:  O.K.
Koresh:  There are prophecies . . .
Lynch:  Let me.  Can I interrupt you for a minute?
Koresh:  Sure.
Lynch:  All right.  We can talk about theology, but right now . . .
Koresh:  No.  This is life.  This is life and death.
Lynch:  That's what I'm talking.
Koresh:  Theology is life and death.
Lynch:  Yes, sir.  I agree with that.
Koresh:  See.  See. You have come and stepped on my perimeter.
Lynch:  O.K.
Koresh:  We will serve God first.  Now, we will serve the God of the church.  We're willing, and we've been willing, all this time, to sit down with anybody. You've sent law enforcement out here before.
Lynch:  Yes, sir.
Koresh:  And I've laid it straight across the table.  I said, if you want to know about me, sit down with me and I'll open up a book and show you seven seals.  Just like I told  Robert.  You know Robert, don't you? [Robert Rodriguez, the ATF undercover agent who infiltrated Mount Carmel.]
Lynch:  Yes sir.
Koresh:  You know.  The guy that...  Your agent.
Lynch:  Yes, sir.
Koresh:  We've known about this.  I've been teaching it for four years!
Lynch:  O.K..  Now . . .
Koresh:  We, we knew you were coming and everything.  You see. . .
Lynch:  Yes, sir.
Koresh:  . . . we knew before you even knew.
Lynch:  Yes, sir.
Koresh:  See, there is a spirit of prophecy; the testimony of Jesus Christ is a light that shines in a dark place. You need to learn Deuteronomy 32.
Lynch:  O.K.  But let me ask you this. The present situation.  Let's start resolving it and then we can sit down and talk.  Right now we've got everybody cease firing.  O.K.?  So that's what we want.  Now, we're pulling the guy back from the door.  ATF is gonna pull the guy back from the door.  All right.  Can they come now David, with your guarantee, and pick up their injured officer, without being fired on?
Koresh:  Look, I cannot communicate with everybody here.
Lynch:  O.K..  Do you have any way?  Is there anybody that can?  Do you have a facility to, to, ah, communicate with the rest of the folks there in your, in your house?
Koresh:  Well, we would have if your guys had talked to us.
Lynch:  O.K.  But right now.  All right.  What ATF is wanting to do, is to take their injured troop out of your area.  O.K.  What you're telling me is you can't control folks because you have no communications.  Is that correct?
Koresh:  Well, if you give us some time, we could probably get the message around.
Lynch:  O.K.  Standby, David.  We're, we're having a heck of a problem with communications.  Standby just a second.
[More discussion of arrangements to removed injured ATF agents. More phone calls and disconnections for another two hours before injured and dead agents are removed.]

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