Carol Moore's Waco Pages: The Davidian Massacre
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        These drawings from the 1993 Treasury Department report on BATF actions against the Branch Davidians show the relation of Mount Carmel ("compound") to their car shop the "Mag Bag" and the FBI road blocks set up after February 28.  The layout graphic shows a close up view of the center.

        The photograph below and the captions also are from the Treasury Department report, as included in The Davidian Massacre.

        Davidian prisoner appeals attorneys and civil suit attorneys will be using the photograhic evidence to argue that
BATF agents kneeling at the front door had no fear of the Davidians firing at them.  The photograph was taken by reporters within two minutes of the time BATF entered the Mount Carmel property.
        This photograph evidently was taken seconds before as the agents ran towards the door.
        Bullet holes that entered the top of the four story tower and down into the building were seen by attorneys Dick DeGuerin and Jack Zimmerman. Bullets only could have come from the sky.  The lines point to the trajectory of bullets which are seen entering the roof in the widely distributed KWTX-TV video.  (See photo below.)  These only could have come from the sky, not the four story tower to the left of the drawing.

Graphic from The Davidian Massacre

For more information on the BATF attacks see Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 of  The Davidian Massacre.