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Waco: the Rules of Engagement (film/video) The movie web page page has reviews, order forms for video, various interesting materials.

Waco: A New Revelation (film/video) More evidence of federal agents' murderous intent and actions.

Dave Hardy's Waco Page  An attorney helping with the Davidian civil suits, Hardy includes great photos, videos and audios which he got through Freedom of Information requests.

Ian Goddard's Waco Pages currently Waco FLIR information.

Center for Reform Includes a Waco investigation section with good official documentation.

Outpost of Freedom Waco Pages  Gary Hunt, who was active during the siege, presents various original documents and writings:

The Sun Reflection Geometry Report which debunks the governments claim infrared photography on April 19, 1993 merely shows sun reflections, not government gunfire.

No More Wacos: What's Wrong with Federal Law Enforcement, and How to Fix It  Authors David B. Kopel and Paul H. Blackman's web page.  Book is fact filled, but would have had a more balanced and accurate view if they had interviewed Davidian survivors and attorneys.

PBS Front Line "Waco: The Inside Story"  While obviously suspect as a government source, the page does include some good video and audio tape and photographs.

Marc Breault's Visions page Breault is the former member who set out to destroy the Davidians as a religous group and succeeded.

Rick Ross's Waco pages This cultbuster and forced deprogrammer also set out to destroy the Davidians and succeeded.

The Davidian Massacre home page


1993 - The ATF Search Warrant

1993 - Davidian autopsy reports Warning:This is part of the much larger WacoMuseum website which makes libelous claims that Davidian survivors are government agents and/or helped kill dozens of Davidians 2-28-93 and coverup the murders.  Ignore the text and use only the photos and the public documents reproduced there.

1993 - Alan A. Stone, M.D. Report to Department of Justice on Expert Advice at Waco

1993 - Nancy Ammerman Report to Department of Justice on Expert Advice at Waco

1994 - Davidian Criminal Trial Transcripts (incomplete) Table of Contents:

1995 - House Waco Report: Investigation into the Activities of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies toward the Branch Davidians  In the end, Congress blamed the Davidian victims.

1999 -Texas Rangers September 1999 Waco report:


Mount Carmel Survivors Fund Web Page  Survivor info, directions to Mount Carmel, Davidian trial transcripts, good links, discussion board.   (AKA

A Place Called Waco Survivor David Thibodeau's page, named after his book of same name.

Reason Magazine interview with David Thibodeau

Seven Seals Revelation Davidian prisoner Renos Avraam's book of "new light."

Inside Mount Carmel Transcript of video taken of a number of Davidians during the siege.  Video available from Mount Carmel survivors.

The History of the Branch Davidian/David Koresh religious views

Take a Moment to Picture this includes many photos of and memorials to Davidian child victims.

The Waco Memorial Project includes memorials to four Davidian victims.

Davidian Survivors

Davidian Prisoners


Why Waco?: Cults and the Battle for Religious Freedom in America is page for the book by James Tabor & Eugene V. Gallagher.


The Hillary Waco Project  Amusing and fairly on-targetWaco comics, though it blames women rather than the Good Old Boys for the murders.

The Waco Coverup Cartoons by all of the top editorial cartoonists updated regularly.

Alex Jones Info Wars page  Radio show host who's been big Davidian supporter.

Waco Photo Gallery

Waco: Massacre at Mt Carmel Good links collection.,

The Waco Tragedy: Information Page

The Waco Massacre various links and commentary.

Waco Links and great poster of Janet Rambo Reno

Introduction to Branch Davidians lots of links.

Visit to Mount Carmel 1995 Photos:

Tien-Kuo Waco pages

LaRosa Reports by Benedict D. LaRosa includes several good ones on Waco.

Rep. Ron Paul's controversial statement about Waco ,