Carol Moore's Waco Pages: The Davidian Massacre
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                      President Bill Clinton       Former BATF Director Stephen Higgins

BATF undercover agent Robert Rodriquez (c) and BATF lead investigator Davy Aguilera (d) 
FBI Waco siege commander Jeff Jamar (e); FBI Waco chief negotiator Byron Sage (f); former FBI Director William Sessions (g); former FBI Deputy Director Larry Potts (h); former Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell (i); former Deputy Treasury Secretary Robert Altman (j).

For more information about these perpetrators' misdeeds, see Carol Moore's book The Davidian Massacre.
Photos (b)-(j) taken by Carol Moore at the 1995 House Waco Hearings.
Photographs b-j copyright Carol Moore 1995 as they appear in The Davidian Massacre.
Photos may be used only with permission.