Carol Moore's Waco Pages: The Davidian Massacre
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Parents Against Corruption and Coverup has sponsored the "Cover-Up Quilt" display on the Mall since 1997 as a family memorial to victims of covered up murder.  The photos below of Davidian family' quilts were taken at the 1997 event.

Wayne Martin and four of his seven children died in the April 19, 1993 fire.

Michael Schroeder was assassinated by BATF agents as he attempted to approach Mount Carmel, 2/28/93.

   The Doyle family lost 18 year old Shari on 4/19/93.

David Koresh, his wife Rachel and three children Cyrus, Star and Bobbie Lane died 4/19/93.

Michelle Jones Thibodeau and her three children died 4/19/93.

The Parents against Corruption and Cover-Uphome page includes a gallery of squares and stories of a number of victims of deaths whose real nature or perpetrators has been covered up by the state, including Randy Weaver's son and daughter, Danny Cosolaro, Paul Wilcher and Kevin Trentadue.  Photographs of other Davidian victims' quilts at that site are for victims: Kathy, Jennifer and Chanel Andrade, Floyd Houtman, Sherri Jewell, David Jones, John-Mark McBean, and Juliette, Crystal, Isaiah, Joseph, Abigail and Audrey Martinez.  Go to:

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