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In February, 1993 Mount Carmel was church and home to 135 men and women and their children who referred to themselves as "Students of the Seven Seals."  After the ruthless Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Federal Bureau of Investigations vicious assaults destroyed their home and killed eighty-two members, the Davidians scattered.  Twenty children were sent off to relatives or foster homes; two dozen mostly elderly adults were scattered in Waco or across the country or the world; eleven adults were incarcerated and tried, eight convicted. Today seven remain imprisoned. 

      After being acquitted at trial, long-time member Clive Doyle in Waco organized the few remaining Koresh followers.  They created a memorial of 82 Crepe Myrtle trees at Mount Carmel and later a Museum and a church, pictured above.  

    However, over the years they have constantly been pestered by former members and alleged Koresh followers squatting on the property over the years, some with their consent.  Clive Doyle and other elderly members endured numerous court hearings to establish their clear legal title to Mount Carmel. 

      However, suffering health problems, in 2006 Clive Doyle was forced to abandon the Mount Carmel site to one band of squatters.  They immediately destroyed the memorial to the deceased Davidians.  See the WikiPedia article for the recent history and any future developments.

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November, 1993

Photograph courtesy of

April, 1998 -- Looking south through the Crepe Myrtle trees that serve
as a memorial for the 82 victims of BATF/FBI crimes.  Davidian survivors
and their many supporters built the museum (then under construction) in the background.

The museum under construction.

4/19/98 -- Memorial at Mount Carmel held at the completed museum.

 Survivor Gladys Ottman speaks at the memorial.

Inside the new museum at Mount Carmel.

 Top two photos courtesy of Marlene Joyce.
Bottom four photos courtesy of Lynette Warren.

April, 1999 -- The bell rung for the 82 vicitims of BATF/FBI crimes sits above a
sign reading "We Will Not Forget What Happened Here."  Crepe Myrtle trees serve
as a memorial to them.

 Photos above courtesy of Marlene Joyce and Lynette Warren.

Fall 1999 -- Inspired by talk show host Alex Jones,
dozens of volunteers help the Davidians build a new church.
Full photos at:

David Thibodeau, Alex Jones, Clive Doyle

Finished church.